M-C- Hammer

Shrek Can't Touch Doing The Roar

What are your most memorable moments from Shrek Forever After? My second most favorite moment in Shrek Forever After is the Waffle Fairy.  Keep the faith donkey.  The Waffle Fairy did take on an even more twisted meaning since I watched the fourth episode of Happy Town.

My most favorite moment is Do the Roar bit.

I want this "Do The Roar" for my ring tone.


The first 4 rings would be "Do the roar" then shrek would roar as the caller is sent to my voice mail. Perfect!  Either I "do the roar" and answer or Shrek does the roar and the party is all over.

Can't Touch This Roar Mashup

This is hillarious. I watched it three times in a row before being able to stop laughing and caught my breath.  M.C. Hammer's Can't Touch This tune to a Do The Roar remix. Brilliant!

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