Kahlan Amnell

Sephiroth/Aerith Tribute- "The Mourning Tree"

I found this video by accident while looking for a video of the Leaves' Eyes song "Mourning Tree" to share on a forum.

This is one of my favorite songs, and I have always been surprised that more videos haven't been made using it.  I would love to see a Richard/Kahlan video, or a Daniel/Sha're video.

This one on Sephiroth and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is an interesting way to frame the story from Advent's Children.  After all it really is their story isn't it.

Richard & Kahlan - Wicked Game

They used the HIM version of Wicked Game, but it matches the video of Richard and Kahlan.

In a lot of ways, this is a perfect way to think watch Richard and Kahlan as they play fates Wicked Game of unrequited love.

Note to the vidders out there:  I would love to see a Mistress Denna video to the original Chris Isaac song, or maybe Venus in Furs.  I would love to see that.