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Star Trek: Julia Ecklar - Born Again Trek

This is one of the only songs I have ever heard that captures my love of Star Trek!  Julie Ecklar always delivers her trademaek brilliant performance.

What you have to remember about this song is, at the time their was a growing rift between Star Wars and Star Trek fans.  I tried to remain neutral, but songs like this and the Klingon Fight Song, made it nearly impossible to remain so.

Filk: Julia Ecklar’s Magic

Julia_Ecklar-Magic 10 years of waiting, wondering, and hoping, Julia Ecklar is in the studio working on a new album: Indistinguishable from Magic. The title is likely to change because it doesn’t match the cover painted by Lee Moyer, who has designed covers for Wizards of the Coast, Electronic Arts, and Tori Amos.

Eli wrote in Eagle Bytes:

Michael Moricz has a plan for all the songs, and has recorded the basic tracks for many of them. The caliber of production leaves me, frankly, speechless. I've actually found myself crying from a lot of the sample tracks Michael's been passing along.

What songs are on the new album?

  • Shai Hulud (by Kathy Mar)
  • Gentle Arms of Eden (by Dave Carter)
  • Cathedral
  • With the Trees
  • Going Back
  • The Dark is Rising (lyrics by Susan Cooper)
  • Tin Soldier
  • Native Son
  • Songbird (by Kathy Mar)
  • Horse-Tamer's Daughter (by Leslie Fish)

More songs may be added before the album releases, but of the songs listed, Shai Hulud, Songbird, and Horse-Tamer’s Daughter are beautiful tracks that I have heard Julia sing before, and I cannot wait to hear the new versions.

Studio Blooper

Here is a cute blooper from the new recording of Horse-Tamer’s Daughter.


I cannot wait for this album to come out.  I will continue to post updates.

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