In the Heat of The Night

P:SI #213 "You Can Not Take The Sky From Me"

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  • Millennium Falcon Grooms Cake - Geeky Curiosity of the Week (via Great White Snark)
  • Tour of LA robot show (via BBC News)
  • Robo-Cop-A-Feel: Tokyo lab develops E-Skin for next-gen robots (via Dvice)
  • Connect With Other City of Heroes Fans On Facebook! (via City of Heroes)
  • Star Trek Kehleyr Trailer No. 1  (P:S HQ)


  • The Avengers Reborn into Heroes of Tomorrow (via dashPunk)
  • The Avengers Trailer (fan made) (P:S HQ)
  • Poof! Next `Harry Potter' flick moves to summer (via AP)
  • Founders- Harry Potter Fan film trailer (P:S HQ)
  • Are You Creating a Star Wars Fan Film Video? (via Chris Pirillo)
  • Three Dragonball Images (via Filmonic)
  • Eddie Murphy Raw (via Hulu)
  • In The Heat Of The Night (via Hulu)
  • Early The Dark Knight DVD Packaging (via Superhero Flix)
  • New The Incredible Hulk DVD Artwork (via Superhero Flix)

TV / Series

  • One RingyDingy Lily Tomlin (P:S HQ)
  • Watch "The Cho Show" a week early. Like, now! (via After Elton)
  • Star Trek Euderion Trailer / Teaser  (P:S HQ)
  • Interview: Chris Cowan and Lex Randleman from Elseworlds (dashPunk)




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