Hell Boy

Hellboy II Prequel Comic Sneak Peek

hbygap2At WonderCon 2008 Dark Horse Comics débuted the 16 page prequel to the Movie Hell Boy II: The Golden Army.

HELLBOY: THE GOLDEN ARMY is a 16-page comic that details the rise of The Golden Army--the indestructible force that Hellboy and his team in the BPRD fight in Universal Pictures' upcoming action-thriller Hellboy II: The Golden Army

They also published the first five pages [read them here]. The artwork is compelling and the story gives an explanation to the origins of the Golden Army telling us who created it, what the golden army is and why it was created!

(via Dark Horse Comics)

How To Build Johann Krauss

140px-Johannkraus Well the guys over at Hell Boy II: The Golden Army put out a great little video of the Character Design Meeting for Johann Krauss. See the video [here]

They talk about how they need the moving parts of the suit to move. I love the use of a lazy Susan to give a swivel look and feel. Guillermo Del Toro also insists that he needs a mechanism that will allow his gaseous form to escape the suit quickly. Hence the disc located on his left chest area. I'm guessing that means that we will get an opportunity to see Krauss outside of the suit at some point during the movie.

For the curious out there, Johann Krauss was an exceptionally gifted Psychic who while traveling on the ethereal plane had his physical body incinerated. This was an incident involving the terra cotta warriors and thus the tie in with the movie, although I don't know wether they will show the actual disaster that incinerated and separated the souls of many around the site or if they are going to do a reinterpretation of the events.

The original incident left just an ectoplasm essence of Krauss since his body was incinerated. The B.P.R.D created a suit for him to keep him from dissipating. He has to keep his essence in a vessel or he will eventually dissipate and would be lost forever.