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Green Lantern OVA Trailer

I cannot wait to see the new Green Lantern movie.  The Lanterns have never gotten the independent treatment they deserve as either an original series or movie, but that is all about to change.

The new trailer has assuaged my fears about this film being just another origin story.  Since the other members of the Green Lantern Corps are in the trailer as is Sinestro, this film will have to move past the origin story and dig into the rich mythos of the Lanterns.

It looks good.  Nice use of 3d and 2d animation, an the characters look fresh and recognizable.  I cannot wait until July 21st.

Will Chris Pine ruin The Green Lantern?

Green Lanterns of two worlds: Hal Jordan (left...
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Rumors are spiraling around Chris Pine as the Green Lantern.  I only have one thing to say:


Chris Pine has never done a good or even decent job in anything he has ever done.  He even did a bad job in Princess Diaries 2!  Which was not a role that required a lot of skill.  I have not seen Star Trek yet, but his performance in the trailers has been William Shatner bad.

I have enough concerns about the movie because director Martin Campbell made Casino Royal, but he also made the 2 Antonio Banderas Zorro movies.

I really hope this is just a rumor.

Could Chris Pine Be The Green Lantern? | /Film.

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Green Lantern and the Tiger Construct

Gl2If my love for Green Lantern is not the stuff of legends yet, then it soon will be. The brilliant hyper-cartoon of Hal Jordan and a green tiger is an original piece by Dave Perillo. He was commissioned to make this brilliant image. Part of me thinks this is the "The Incredibles" version of GL, or maybe "The Fairly Odd Parents" version. I love the clean lines, and how it reminds me of the old World War II era posters.

(via Montygog's Art-O-Rama! Thanks Bill!)