Gene Simmons

WFT: Gene Simmons to Adam Lambert "shut up about sexual preferences"?

WTF Gene, I mean WTF!  In another spot:

Adam should have won. On the other hand he should have kept his mouth shut about his sexual preferences. I don't really care what he wants to do and neither does America. But this kid's got talent, Adam Lambert can go on. As long as he's quiet about whatever else he prefers to do indoors. I personally don't care, I mean if you love farm animals, that's fine, but I don't wanna read a magazine about that (AfterElton).

gene.pngI am a huge Kiss fan.  My sister became a fan when Rock and Roll over came out, and I grew up with their music.  It has been the sound track of my life.  I own all their albums, most of their DVDs and have seen them in concert a couple times.  When I was 16, my sister took me to see Kiss as my first concert.

Now, I have to admit that I have never been the biggest fan of Gene Simmons.  He has suffered from foot in mouth disease for decades, and he has one of those personalities that has always made me roll my eyes.

This is blatant hypocrisy!  Gene's entire career is based around him talking about his sexuality, sexual preferences, and sexual activity.  Gene is the man who said, "If it's not about sex, its not rock and roll."  How dare he of all people say that anyone should shut up about their sexuality!

Adam has talent.

Gene's view of Show Business

I don't think this quote is necessarily homophobic.  Gene is first and foremost a business man.  I assume that he looks at Adam's decision to come out as one that will hurt his ability to sell records.

As someone who has made a career off singing about his love of women, I can understand that.  Personally, I would love  a gay rock star who isn't afraid of wither his sexuality or an electric guitar.

Boo Gene.  At least Paul Stanley is the one who is doing the majority of the work on the new Kiss album.

Kiss Thinks Star Wars is Hotter than Hell

maulbruce1 Maul Stanley, which has to be one of the best cosplay puns I have ever heard,  interviewed Bruce Kulick about Kiss and Star Wars.

So who's scarier under the mask, Darth Vader or Gene Simmons?

Good question! Gene can be very scary, but I'd have to say he's still one up on Darth Vader.

In that case... lightsaber to your head: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Oh, no! Well, I have been a fan of Star Trek longer so I'm going to have to choose that over Star Wars.

You have chosen... poorly.

(Maul Stanley)

Now, I have to ask Bruce a bunch of Star Trek questions.

For the whole interview:

(via The Official Star Wars Blog)

No Record Industry, No New KISS Album... I have an Idea

gene In a recent interview, Gene Simmons from Kiss made a strange statement that shows why the record labels and the older artists are not moving forward.

"There's no new KISS material because there's no record industry.

"Any band who tries to do new material is trying to climb a slippery mountain. Every day record companies are folding. It'd be nice to have new KISS songs, but what's the business model? Do you just put songs on the Internet for free? Then what?''

Then you sell quality merchandise, tour, and do other things that make people want to buy your music.

Personally, I think the best thing artists can do is give away their music videos. This lets people like me listen to the song over and over again, and figure out if I really like it enough to buy it.

Between the streaming music videos and other streaming tracks, I can determine whether I want to spend my money on the track or the album.

The Key is to make good music and to have confidence in your own fans.

The very idea that Gene doubts whether the Kiss Army would buy a new album or steal it is a sad lack of faith in his own music.