The Guild's Lil’ Guildies

Hilarious, bizarre fun with The Guild.  The Lil’ Guildies.  The video was originally for an April Fools joke, it just cracks me up.

I love the "Ye Must Be Yay High To Plunder!" Sign.  It gives me ideas like one for my house "Ye Must Be This Drunk To PLunder!"

And for those of you wondering about Season 4, don’t worry, it’s coming.  We’ll have some announcements coming soon.

For those who want more of Vork's Monkey watch below.


The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

Oh My Goodness, what can I say it's bohemian Rhapsody as you have never seen it before.  Watch the video above.

  • Muppets!
  • G rated lyrics
  • Imagine Animal and Beaker Singing.
  • I think most if not all of the Muppets make a cameo
  • A great geek joke at the end.

All I could do is just laugh and enjoy the trip. Mahhhh Mahhh!

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Enter the Gayngels

I wish I were gayer so my rants could be this funny!  Maybe my gold star gets in the way.

I am getting increasingly outraged by the appearances of the Gayngels on TV and especially in film.  If this trend continues, hopefully they will bring Paul Lynde back from the dead.  Uncle Arthur will save us all!

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Chuck: Jeffster, LIVE! Comic Con 09

JeffsterJeffster exploded onto the music scene with their big break through wedding gig where they played Mr. Roboto for Ellie's wedding.  Now watch them explode on the stage at SDCC as "Sam Kinison and an Indian lesbian play Fat Bottom Girls" live.  Watch the video below

What an amazing, energizing way to start off a panel.  Once again Chuck has inspired me and broke me free of my box, the ideas flow for the structure of my next panel...

For those who missed it... what were you thinking and for those like me who can't get enough of this video, Check out Jeffster's performance of Mr. Roboto below.

chuck-season1Support the cause for more chuck with the loudest voice we have... through the market.

For More on Chuck click here

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Darth Jackson on Britain’s Got Talent

This clip of Darth Jackson on Britain's Got Talent is hilarious.  The mashup of Michael Jackson and Darth Vader is great.  I laughed so hard, though I have a weakness for dancing Storm Troopers.  The only thing I think he should have done differently is when they asked him to take off his helmet he should have had a Michael Jackson mask on underneath.  If he had done that I think he would have won... he still had my vote but what can I say Dancing Stormtroopers!!! Watch the clip below

(via Club Jade)

update:  Here is the link to watch the video, it has been disabled by request... maybe Simon didn't like how he looked in it.

The Disturbing Baby Snuggie

This is so disturbing to look at.  The first image that comes to mind is from the movie Aliens when the alien baby bursts from the chest of their victims. Imagine:  Aliens five Revenge of the Queen.  In it we find out that the Alien Queen used Ripley to get back at the humans for her demise but this time the alien spawn are a hybrid species which have human faces and murderous alien bodies...

The Baby Snuggie

(via Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' News & Reviews)

Why Wolverine’s Claws Might Not Be a Good Idea

The brilliantly funny people over at college humor does it again.  I laughed so hard at this more reality based look at Wolverine’s powers. I love superhero stuff especially the X-Men.  In the comic they had the common sense to put in the blood that would inevitably occur when Wolverine sheds his claws.  This is, as expected, one of the major problems with the latest catastrophe (I just can’t call it an X-Men film).  For those of you unfortunate enough to have watched it you can now get come catharsis with this video.

The premise is a couple of guys save up to go through a medical procedure to get Wolverine’s mutant powers.  They saved up all the money they could but unfortunately find out that the costs of the procedure will be double since Wolverine has two mutant powers adamantium claws and mutant healing.  Which one will they choose?  Watch the video above.

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Mounted Velociraptor Head

Velociraptor head

Big game hunters eat your hearts out...

I could mount this Velociraptor head from Jurassic Park on my wall... imagine the conversation starter it would be.

"Oh! I see you noticed my catch while I was on safari.  Just wait till you hear the story of how we spent 3 days in the jungle hunting each other until I got the upper hand."  Yea I think it would go something like that.  Of course in order to pull it off properly I would need to get a Predator head and an Aliens head to go next to them.

(thanks /Film)

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Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Fan Works Awards

Doctor Horrible Banner
Image via Wikipedia

Vote for your favorite fan work based on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

They have already collected nominees from across the web of Videos, songs, written fics and many, many costumes based on Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

Now we need to vote for the winners of each category!

The list of nominees are here.  I’m very curious to see who wins The Cheesy on the Outside Award and The Death Whinny Award.  There are many great categories with lots of fan works listed.

For more information and to vote check out The Horrible Awards here.

Get your copy of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog here!

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Coraline and Neil Gaiman fun for the day!

The is a funny promotional video for the movie Coraline.  It features Neil Gaiman in his downstairs library talking about buttons and Koumpounophobia.

This video made me laugh so much.  It’s a brilliant piece of fun promotion and thanks to Neil for my word of the day: Koumpounophobia.  By the way Koumpounophobia is so uncommon I did not find it on Merriam Websters site nor on Wikipedi.

(via Neil Gaiman)

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