Finding Nemo

Avengers Movie Could Be CGI?

Why? The only question I was left with when I heard the news from /film that there were talks that they might try an all CGI Avengers movie. 61GFJPJFAXL._SL210_I can understand trying a live action format because it lends a more realistic flare to the movie.

I can understand doing an animated format because, brace yourself for the "duh factor," people are used to reading the comics and seeing their favorite characters sketched thus moving sketches is no stretch for the imagination.

Doing a live action format also brings with it a lot of expense and hassle but at least that format brings a competitive advantage because the fan base can see their beloved comic characters IRL instead of just imagining it.

A CGI format screams out "Danger Will Robinson"! Why attempt a format that is more expensive than animation and has a greater risk of failing / offending the audience / having the look go wrong. Beowulf is a great example of that format failing with scenes that has both beautiful looking characters and characters that look like they were drawn on the screen with Crayola Crayons.

Don't get me wrong, there are many types of stories that lend perfectly to CGI. I love the Shrek series, Shark's Tale, and Finding Nemo. But why go through all of the risk when the stories and tradition of comics lends perfectly to the animation format.

Join me in telling the studios, "Please, Please! stop putting out disappointing films, wasting your money and mine by making the movie projects needlessly overcomplicated. I would rather have more of the beautiful Avengers films in animated format like Ultimate Avengers & Ultimate Avengers 2 or if you must try something different go forward with the live action at least then there is a greater chance of success to go with all of the risk and a greater chance of bringing me something I will enjoy ."