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A Story with 3 Genres

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An idea hit me. One that I love. One that I really want to write, but I have one little problem...

I am not sure what genre to set it in!! The basic idea is to explore spirituality, power, and the power of relationships to save people.

I know that is a little vague, but it is a complex story with a generic outline that spans four novels at the moment.

My biggest problem is that I can see the story existing in three different settings

  1. My existing Barrens End setting, where Liquid Sky, Fate's Harrow, and Shine like Thunder take place.
  2. A new modern supernatural horror setting that would be somewhere between the Vampire Chronicles, Harry Potter, and the Cthulu Mythos.
  3. A unique hybrid fantasy setting, a kind of sword and sorcery/dark fantasy/supernatural horror/steampunk thing.

I can honestly see the story in each of these settings, and how each will affect the plot. I am partly looking for comments, and part thinking out loud. I am really unsure which way to go.

What would you all like to see?  I am really open to suggestions

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How Amazon.com Prevented me from participating in NaNoWriMo

I had planned to write my heart out this year for National Novel Writing Month. If you listen to my podcast you know I was bouncing back and forth between a steampunk and a space opera story. I had enough worked out on either to write something this November, until I saw this:

Fh1Please note that Amazon Shorts is no longer accepting new submissions to the program while we investigate other ways to easily connect authors to Amazon.com customers. Existing Shorts will continue to be made available to customers for purchase and download, but no additional content will be added to the program. If you are an author and would like to be updated on related developments, please fill out the form below (Amazon).

After stringing me along since February 18th, when I sent in Wings of Destiny, the newest installment in my Fate's Harrow series, they have decided to "investigate other ways to easily connect authors to Amazon.com customers."

Fh2They could have at the very least sent me an email about it, after all, every chapter of Fate's Harrow was a number 1 bestseller on the Science Fiction Chart. No, I found out about it by visiting their site. That is not the way to cement a strong working relationship. Well, at least I am now free from their terrible cover design department, and nearly free to complete the series.

Nearly... You see, I have to follow the procedures in the contract to notify them of my intentions, but after that, I will be able to do what every I want with the series. I am in that process right now.

Fh3Since I have received so many emails from you guys asking me when the next chapter is coming out, I have decided to finish Fate's Harrow, do cover design, and figure out how we will distribute the stories. Fate's Harrow will remain on Amazon.com for $0.49 each, and if you purchased one already, they will still be in your digital locker. I am not abandoning any future work with Amazon.com, I am simply no longer going to wait for them to figure out what they are doing.

So what exactly are we doing?

  • Brian and I like our relationship with Lulu, and will use them as at least on outlet for the stories.
  • We are not sure if we are going to reprint the stories are now on Amazon.com, but I don't think we will until the collection comes out.
  • Fate's Harrow, Part 3: Wings of Destiny is already written and edited, and will be the first new story to come out.

Why is this preventing me from doing NaNoWriMo?

There are only 4 stories left in the series, and I do not believe they will come close to being 50,000 words total. It is possible, but extremely unlikely.

So as I begin writing Fate's Harrow, Part 4: Black Fire, I believe we are doing the right thing. I know those of you who have been clamoring for more Fate's Harrow. They are on the way, and should be out soon.

Visions of Steam

s320x240 For a while now I have been looking for a good way express the Steampunk aesthetic, but the words have failed me, which is a hard thing for me to admit. I am rarely at a loss for words, but this current wave of retro- and paleo-futurism has inspired me. P25614B As I continue working on Fate's Harrow and Phara-un, I have been trying to incorporate as much as can into the tales. I am happy to say that I have found a project that will allow me to explore the limits of steampunk and beyond.

2074844523_437014078b As the images keep rolling in, my imagination becomes more inflamed by these bazaar cross pollination. I am hunting for the limits of cross genre fiction, and as yet, I don't think I have found them.

Hopefully, you will enjoy the fruits of these experiments in baroque imagery. I cannot wait to share with you the new tales.

(for more on these images see Steam Fashion 1, 2, & 3)

Dancing in the Haze

Wow, the convention was amazing. Following that with the last Potter book, o, man, my head is so full of ideas that I feel like I could burst. I want to discuss the new Potter book either on Pownce or in the Forums, so when you have read it and want to talk, see you there. I have begun work on a new series/website, that I will reveal later, muhaha, my secret for now. It is eating up a lot of my time, but rest assured, Fate's Harrow is on schedule.

My head is just swimming with stories. I hope to see you on the network!

Writer's Block and the Encompered Vision

Lately, I have been blocked up, like a dirty dry well. I sit and stare at the computer screen, waiting for the words to flow... yet they have not. The work on the series is coming along well, but I am tired, and lack focus. I can feel the stress flooding my body, but I don't know where it is coming from. I have met my deadlines, the series is on schedule... my only real source of stress is my own expectations. I debated for a long time, whether I should blog about anxieties that have racked my mind and body for the last month, but why shouldn't I share.

I have a vision for the site, and Brian is revved up to promote it, but I have no clue how to do the things I am wanting to do. So many stories are fighting for space in my head, and I need to find a way to get all of the ideas out.

Recently, I have spent most of my time working on the look of the site. (and I hope you all like the changes). But now it has come time to fill the site with content, and I am afraid I am going to build a site that in unintelligible to anyone but me. I have looked to my heroes (Star Wars and Star Trek), but frankly, I don't find either site useful or entertaining...

That last word is really the problem. I want this site to be more than just informative, I want it to be fun, and I know I have not accomplished that yet.

I think I am going to write up some companion books on the setting and incorporate them in the site, and to make them available through Cafe Press. The Chian'niu Origins will be coming out soon. I think I might just go meditate and goof off on Star Wars Galaxies until I calm down enough to write.