Review: Where the Shadows Lie by Battlelore

[reus name="Music Review" meta="cd=Where the Shadows Lie&artist=Battlelore&release=2001&recorded=Music Bros Studios during July - November 2001&genre=symphonic metal&length=46:59&label=Napalm&rating=10"]Where the Shadows lie is the first album by the Symphonic metal band Battlelore. It is hard to explain this band to those who have never hear their Tolkien inspired lyrics.  Their style has been called variously silk and steel, beauty and the beast, and symphonic metal.  It is a mix of styles bringing together elements of rock, blues, folk, classical, and doom metal.

This is a brilliant album, recorded and mixed by Miitri Aaltonen at Music Bros Studios during July - November 2001.

Cover painting is “Morgoth and High King of Noldor” copyright Ted Nasmith and HarperCollins, 1998.

The Band

Kaisa Jouhki - vocals Patrik Mennander - vocals Tommi Havo - guitar Jyri Vahvanen - guitar Miika Kokkola - bass Henri Vahvanen - drums Maria - keyboards

Guest Musicians

  • Jyrki Myllärinen - Classical guitars

The Tracks

  • Swordmaster stars-5 The lyrics are a bit weak on this track, but The mood and the music are a fitting ode to the Swordmaster.
  • The Grey Wizard stars-5 This song follows the formula established with the sword master.  I happen to like the formula so I love the song. It tells Gandalf’s life story for the time he is the grey wizard.
  • Raging Goblin stars-4 Fitting its theme of Goblins on the warpath this track has a harder, more chaotic edge.  The force of the blast beats and growling vocals evoke the stories of the Goblins and the Olog-hai.
  • Journey to Undying Lands stars-5 (See Video here) Great song, mesmerizing and powerful.
  • Shadowgate stars-5 The tale of Minas Morgul is told through a sparse song that barrows many elements from techno/industrial music, but it stays a symphonic metal song.  This is probably my favorite track on the album.
  • Fangorn stars-5 Join the ents in their attack on Isengard.  You have to love any song with the line: Die, die uruk-hai!
  • The Green Maid stars-5 The cleanest and most stripped down song on the album: nothing more than a guitar and vocals.  Hauntingly beautiful and echoing.  Luthien Tinuviel is well remembered in this retelling of the great love story from The Silmarillion.
  • Khazad-Dum, Pt 1 (Ages of Mithril) stars-3 The origin of Moria.  I think this is an overly simplistic song for Battlelore.
  • Ride With the Dragons stars-5 The tale of Morgoth''s creation of the dragons.  This song sent shivers through me at times, maybe from the story, maybe the music, or perhaps it was just the dragons.

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