Alright, fine, Happy belated Birthday to Robotech Macross

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War rages within me... anger and excitement, and I am one of those people for whom anger usually wins...

March 4th was the 25th anniversary for Robotech: Macross Saga.  I was one of those kids whose life and tastes were forever changed by this groundbreaking series, but a dark cloud looms over the celebration: Harmony Gold.

February 17th, I read this on RobotechX:

UEG Productions Statement:

Sadly UEG productions has to inform the public that we are no longer able to continue producing the Genesis web series as planned.

The group received a Cease and Desist order from Harmony Gold USA (the rights holder to Robotech and all related materials), in-spite the well known non-commercial nature of Genesis. The situation at hand does not leave us with another alternative then to remove all Robotech and Macross related materials or derivations from the website. The genesis trailers and all related imagery, containing the materials in question will no longer be available.

We would like to thank everyone who participated in the creation of Genesis project for the past 6 years. All the fans that supported us. And we are sorry we are not able to release it in this form.

We were already planning ahead to create our very own animation. So we are proud to announce the birth of the Artemis project. An complete original science fiction / Mecha animated feature film. Which will be unlike any other sci-fi, with its unique storyline and characters. More information on this new project will be available soon.

Thank you for your understanding.   UEG MANAGEMENT 2010

When a company shows such disdain for their fans, it is really hard to care about them...  I love Robotech, but I want to buy the rights from Harmony Gold just so I know the rights are owned by someone who will cherish the fans rather than the current owners that is now treating us like dirt.

Deep breath... in... out... ahh... that's better.

So I am going to bite the bullet and say Happy Birthday Macross, and Frak You Harmony Gold in the same breath.  Macross is too good to be lost in the milieu of a spiteful company.

If you've never seen Macross, check it out:

[reus name="Robotech Macross Hulu"]

or check it out at Amazon Video or Robotech: The Original Series - Robotech: The Macross Saga.

and don't forget to join our Robotech Group!

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Suck a Vampire Rock Movie Trailer

As you know I'm a sucker for a vampire movie bad pun intended. Many turn out to be really bad but every once in a while a vampire movie will stand out from the pack. Suck is a comedy vampire movie about a rock band while on the road becomes vampires to improve their rock. With classic great lines like:

  • "what happens on the road stays on the road"
  • "try some groupie"

The trailer is awesome! Watch it below.

Unfortunately it is currently making the independent film rounds which means for me living in the middle of nowhere I will have to wait to watch it.

The guest stars in this movie floored me: Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, Moby, and Henry Rollins all musical icons plus , Dave Foley who's performances I have always enjoyed.

(via /Film)

Crowdsourced Animation Live Music Does Not Add Up

Here is a curious little crowdsourced project from Sony Pictures which got my interest upon learning that Steve Vai is in it.

The animated short is called Live Music, watch the teaser above.  Sony used facebook to network 51 animators around the globe to put this project together.  It's an interesting model that fans have been doing for a while.

The disturbing part is unlike the fan projects Sony Pictures budgeted one million dollars for this project!  One of the advantages of using a crowdsourced project is it's ability to keep costs down and to recruit people who have passion for the project to the project.  One million dollars is a staggering amount of money.  What did they spend it on?

They paid each animator $500 for their part which is cool but that is $25,500.  There are editing, distribution, and advertising costs but where did the rest of the money go?

(via CinemaTech)

Underworld 7 Days To The Wolves Fan Video

Find more videos like this on Project: Shadow

Thanks to John The Rogue Demon Hunter from the community at Project: Shadow.  This amazing fan video uses 7 Days to the Wolves Nightwish - Dark Passion Play - 7 Days to the Wolves by Nightwish as the soundtrack and footage from the three Underworld movies.

I love how the entire video is like a meta contemplation by Selene about the days to come in the war with the Lycans and the causes behind the conflict that started the war in the first place.

The opening was nice.  I particularly liked the use of the text "Underworld" to help give context for those not familiar with the movies.

I really enjoyed that he features the love story that underpins the conflict both in the past and what fuels the present conflict.

Featuring Vincent is also a nice touch since he is the antagonist throughout.

Overall what a great job and a beautiful homage to the Underworld story and Nightwish.

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Star Trek: Julia Ecklar - Born Again Trek

This is one of the only songs I have ever heard that captures my love of Star Trek!  Julie Ecklar always delivers her trademaek brilliant performance.

What you have to remember about this song is, at the time their was a growing rift between Star Wars and Star Trek fans.  I tried to remain neutral, but songs like this and the Klingon Fight Song, made it nearly impossible to remain so.

Sephiroth/Aerith Tribute- "The Mourning Tree"

I found this video by accident while looking for a video of the Leaves' Eyes song "Mourning Tree" to share on a forum.

This is one of my favorite songs, and I have always been surprised that more videos haven't been made using it.  I would love to see a Richard/Kahlan video, or a Daniel/Sha're video.

This one on Sephiroth and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is an interesting way to frame the story from Advent's Children.  After all it really is their story isn't it.

Richard & Kahlan - Wicked Game

They used the HIM version of Wicked Game, but it matches the video of Richard and Kahlan.

In a lot of ways, this is a perfect way to think watch Richard and Kahlan as they play fates Wicked Game of unrequited love.

Note to the vidders out there:  I would love to see a Mistress Denna video to the original Chris Isaac song, or maybe Venus in Furs.  I would love to see that.

Doctor Who 2009 Trailer

The trailer (above) for the upcoming Doctor Who 2009 fanfilm blew me away on two completely different levels.

  1. It looks really good.
  2. The creatures in the woods take me back to the old Doctor Who I fell in love with in my youth.

I wish I could tell you with some certainty when it was coming out.  The Trailer say April 11, their site says March 14.  I am hoping the site is right, after all it is easier to update a website than a video.

If you want to check out some stills and a couple behind the scenes videos, check out their website.

Fanfilm: Star Wars: Threads of Destiny Trailer 3

I have been waiting for what feels like forever to see the Star Wars: Threads of Destiny fanfilm.  With the release of the new trailer, they have also confimed the films release date, May 30, 2009!

The effects are truly something to behold, and the story sounds interesting.  The new trailer (above) makes me want to watch the film even more.

Star Trek: Trailer 3 Original Series Version

I didn't post the third trailer for the new Star Trek film because when I saw it at the opening of The Watchmen, it bored me so much I was afraid I would not be able to enjoy the film.  It is nothing but images and dialogue we have heard before in a thousand other films.  Nothing original, nothing new, just the same staples of over budgeted action films pretending to be scifi.

When I saw this parody of the trailer using clips from the original series, I had to laugh.

If you haven't seen the original here it is:

(via/Film) Find more videos like this on Project: Shadow HQ

Check out my Star Trek Review.

Severus Snape "I Will Survive"

Severus Snape "I Will Survive"

At first, I laughed at what this video.  Let’s face it, Severus Snape edited over Gloria Gaynor’s “I will Survive” is funny.  About half way through, I started thinking about the events of book 7…

When you watch the video as a Snape - Voldemort dynamic, it becomes oddly poignant.  What do you think?

Fandom as Culture

Back in December, I took on Meg Guroff in my post, Fandom is not Obsessive Weirdoism! for saying:

One distinctly modern form of obsessive weirdoism is fandom: becoming so devoted to a work of art that you want to augment or even inhabit it. Out of this impulse was born the Klingon Language Institute (, the phenomenon of “fan fiction” (unauthorized stories by civilians advancing new plotlines of beloved films and TV series) (The Urbanite Magazine),

She responded by saying:

Hey, thanks for the shout-out, but anyone who reads the essay—or even just the rest of the sentence you truncated—would know that your outrage is misplaced. This passage is not an attack on fandom, it's a defense of it. I'd invite the curious to read the essay for themselves or visit my (built, obsessive, weird) site at Best wishes.

Originally posted as a comment by Meg Guroff on dashPunk using Disqus.

The rest of the sentence I truncated simply said: "and also, one might argue, my ever-growing Moby-Dick website, which now includes not only a full annotation but also links to artwork, poems, movies, and even cartoons based on the book (The Urbanite Magazine)."  I am glad she enjoys working on a fan site, and I am sorry if I offended her by intimating she had attacked fandom, but the fact remains that characterization of fandom as obsessive and weird obfuscates the fact that what we are seeing is the birth of a new culture, not merely a niche cultural phenominon.

History of Fandom

June 1947 issue of Amazing Stories, featuring ...
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Hugo Gernsback forged the modern Science Fiction genre in 1926 when he founded Amazing Stories magazine.  In the letters section, he published the addresses of the fans who wrote in.  Readers began to organize themselves into local clubs.  In 1934, Hugo founded the Science Fiction League, a correspondence club where local clubs could apply for membership.

Chicago's Science Correspondence Club published the first known science fiction fanzine, The Comet, in 1930.  The first convention was held nine years later when at the 1939 New York World's Fair, when the World Science Fiction Society held the first WorldCon.

Fred Pohl and Cyril Kornbluth, members of a New York fan club called The Futurians, wrote the oldest known filks in the 1950's by taking the music from folk protest songs and changing the lyrics.

It wasn't until the  1970 that the conventions grew in popularity as a result of Speculative Fiction taking on the role of mythology.  More people found Speculative Fiction gave them a set of values, goals, and practices. Through our conventions, filksings, fanfic, and fanfilm, we have developed a culture that is uniquely ours.

Pattern of Behavior

Fans don't just watch the shows they love, or read the books, they devour them.  We take in these stories, critique them, and rush to share and discus them with our friends.  We often watch the shows or read the books multiple times to see if we missed something.

We flock to conventions to meet the stars, creators, and authors of the works we love, and to spend time reveling in the series we love.  We roleplay, craft fan works, and some even engage in cosplay and LARPing (Live Action Role Playing).

Characteristic Features

It is not hard to spot a fan.  The t-shirts we were, the calendars on our walls, the tchotchkes on our desks, and the phrases we like to use.  Many of us use fanspeak around mundanes and not realizing it until we see that confused look on their face, and realize we need to translate into English.

Shared attitudes, values, and goals

The one thing I have always found most intriguing about fans is how a true fan is not hard on new fans, and wants to make sure everyone is having a good time.

Most of us grew up with Star Trek, and took to heart the idea of IDIC (Infinite Diverity in Infinite Combination) to heart.  Where ever we are, we try to bring IDIC, foresight, and community with us.  Life is to be enjoyed, and nothing cuts off the fun quicker than bigotry, ignorance, or that one guy who is looking to have a good time at the expense of everyone there if necessary.

Fan culture is always developing.

Dear Meg

I wish you the best of luck with your Moby Dick site, and I hope I didn't upset you further.  My complaint with your article was merely that you used the phrase "Obsessive Weirdoism."

Any culture is "Obsessive Weirdoism" when viewed from the outside.  You have a fannish heart, and I think it is time you stopped talking in a way that excuses your fannish tendencies to the mundanes.  You are a fan.  Be out and proud about it.

At any rate, I am a little jealous, I can see the merit in Moby Dick, and I can understand from where your passion derives, but I don't think I will ever share it.  You see something most of us don't.  That is a gift.  Relish it.