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Catching Up On Doctor Horrible

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog two is still in the works.  Zack Whedon in and interview lets us know

  • They are meeting every so often to talk about the project.
  • "There are a handful of songs in some state of being written,"
  • “I think that we will focus on that more now that Joss [Whedon] is done with 'Dollhous'e and has a little more time to focus on other projects."

It hurts to think that Dollhouse is done but on the plus side I like hearing that Joss will have more time to work on the project.  How long before we will get to see a Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog Two?  Probably quite a while but I would rather wait for a brilliant sequel then to rush into something unsubstantial.

Meanwhile, for those of us wanting more Doctor Horrible can follow along in the comics.  Whedon has plans for more Dr. Horrible comics.

  • A collection of all the 'Dr. Horrible' mini comics from online
  • “…A new story about the Evil League of Evil.”

I’m excited about a story in which we would get more about the members in the Evil League of Evil especially those featured at the end of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.  He will definitely do more Bad Horse.  I’m hoping something more about the Evil Whinny.

Read Zack’s other comics here:

(via Whedonesque)

Odd: Worms’ Paralyzed By a Freeze Ray

doctor-horrible-freeze-rayI love how the National Geographic article begins referencing the “freeze ray” in Dr. Horrible.  It puts a smile on my face to see references to sci-fi in the mainstream scientific world.  Gives me hope that dreams are given the chance to possibly take shape. The freeze ray is far from reality, What researchers have done is put a light sensitive chemical into the nematodes.

“Upon UV exposure, the normally clear chemical turns blue, and it shuts down the worms' metabolism… A shot of visible light restored the worms to normal, and the animals slowly began to wiggle around "as if they had never been paralyzed," the study authors say.” -National Geographic

I wonder if this could have applicable uses for putting things in stasis.

For now the process is far from practice use though since the chemical was eventually fatal to the worms.

(thanks Whedonesque)

Joss Whedon Directing An Episode of Glee

gleeJoss Whedon has agreed to direct one of the back nine episodes that Fox just ordered. -EW

This comes as bitter-sweet news since Fox will be canceling Dollhouse.


Joss is a big fan of Glee which comes as no big surprise for several reasons.

  • The show rocks!
  • The music is great
  • The messages behind the story is both challenging and edifying

I’m stoked to find Joss is directing an episode. He is brilliant director who also shares in a passion for music. His episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Once More, with Feeling and Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog are testaments to his acumen in that field. Personally I hope the episode he directs is the one where Will and Finn find out that they have been lied to about their fatherhood.


The bitter part of this news is that it comes out on the back of Fox’s announcement of canceling Dollhouse. I have been silent so far on this subject because I feel a long string of expletives wont solve any thing.

If Fox thinks this move will appease the fans for all of the BS over Dollhouse then they are more foolish then originally believed. There is a coming storm but Fox will find it a quiet one. Fox doesn’t respect Joss, they don’t respect the fans and so I will not support them. They are lucky that Glee is over there it’s the last Fox show I watch. They should thanks their lucky stars that they didn’t cancel Glee like they originally wanted to before it got a chance to air.

On the plus side Joss is free of them once again and I hope that he goes independent with Dollhouse or at least with his next project. I can’t wait for Doctor Horrible 2 and other projects out of Joss Whedon Digital Studio.

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