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Exploring HULK VS THOR

JOURNEY_INTO_MYSTERY_112_1965 After watching Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow I came across a trailer for the next project they are working on Hulk vs. Thor.  It's a gods verses monster movie.  The Hulk gets transported to Asgard which confuses and as expected angers him leaving Thor to try and stop him.  The trailer looks nice and I could only imagine how a fight between two seemingly undefeatable opponents would go.  Do you think Loki had a hand in this? Get your copy of Hulk vs. here

Batman: Gotham Knight Official Trailer

The Official site went up for the Animated movie Batman: Gotham Knight. You can view it here but they don't have any thing up yet. I hope in the future they will put up some stills to show off the art work. This direct to DVD project introduces a new east meets west style batman in both animation and in story style. In the trailer, view here in the P:S HQ, they 61K966NG66L._SL210_talk about using a samurai style influence on the Dark Knight character. It looks interesting though I have concerns about how much influence Batman Begins will have on this project.

I can't wait to watch this incarnation of Batman but I have doubts that they will be able to beat the best to date animated version of this classic superhero, Batman - The Animated Series which came out in 1992 - 1995.

Direct to DVD Star Trek Project

Join Trek United's campaign to bring new Star Trek episodes to DVD!

Variety notes that unlike many studios who limit original DVD releases to projects acquired by outside producers, Paramount will develop and produce its own projects. Pittleman said that the facilities mirror the theatrical division, though most of the studio's DVD movies are shot in 21 days.”

Paramount’s production facilities could easily turn out an Enterprise direct-to-DVD movie or mini-series and have it available for the September 8, 2006 Anniversary.

Our project will entail sending either postcards or DVD cases to Paramount’s around the world. The DVD cases ideally would have a cover label and would be sent in plain business mailer. It is the best way to get by the mailroom (Trek United).

This is a good idea as long as Rick Berman, Michael Piller, Jeri Taylor, and Brannon Braga have nothing to do with it! I think we should make it clear that we want Majel Barrett-Roddenberry or maybe even Rod Roddenberry... David Gerrold... D.C. Fontana... Anybody but the idiots that have been involved.

The main target for this campaign would be:

Mr. Thomas Lesinski President Paramount Home Entertainment Inc.

5555 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles CA 90038 United States

We should also include our two CEO’s

Mr Tom Freston Viacom International 1515 Broadway New York NY 10036 USA

Mr Leslie Moonves Viacom, Inc. 7800 Beverly Blvd Los. Angeles, CA 90036-2112 USA

[Trek United]

For international addresses, visit the Trek United campaign page