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Weekend Crafts: Fathers Day Fun


In honor of fathers day I had to feature this Star Wars art project. bcampbell_to's (shown above) took Gabby Moore's (shown below) original black and white design and collored it.  I love the geeky symbolism in the art and wondered to myself why not do one for fathers day.

This project could be a simple print and color project for the less drawing talented like myself.  I would recommend printing on card stock this way if you decide to use paints or inks it will absorb it better.

For the more artfully inclined like bcampbell to's out there try drawing it on white cotton and coloring it.

Enjoy and happy fathers day!


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Darth Jackson on Britain’s Got Talent

This clip of Darth Jackson on Britain's Got Talent is hilarious.  The mashup of Michael Jackson and Darth Vader is great.  I laughed so hard, though I have a weakness for dancing Storm Troopers.  The only thing I think he should have done differently is when they asked him to take off his helmet he should have had a Michael Jackson mask on underneath.  If he had done that I think he would have won... he still had my vote but what can I say Dancing Stormtroopers!!! Watch the clip below

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update:  Here is the link to watch the video, it has been disabled by request... maybe Simon didn't like how he looked in it.

DIY Crafts: Hula Darth Vader


Buddy Christ
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The ultimate crafting project for your car for Star Wars fans… a Darth Vader Hula Girl for your dash!  Build your own and see Vader shaken’ his groove thing in your own car.

He gives step by step simple instructions and includes pictures with each step.  The best part is the short video after the instructions showing Hula Vader in action with the driver playing the imperial march in the background… brilliant!  Check out the instructions here. I’ve got to make one of these and then alternate it with my Buddy Christ and Homer Simpson.

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Why Progressive Speculative Fiction?

Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today- but the core of science fiction, its essence, the concept about which resolves, has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all. Isaac Asimov, "My Own View," The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

While Asimov was interested solely with Science Fiction, I believe the same can be said about Speculative Fiction as a whole. Many of the problems we face cannot be faced solely by working to fix the present conditions. If we do not explore the possible futures our choices could produce, we walk blindly into the future.

It is change, continuing change inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the word as it will be - and naturally this means that there must be an accurate perception of the world as it will be. This, in turn, means that our statesmen, our businessmen, our Everyman, must take on a science fictional way of thinking, whether he likes it or not or even whether he knows it or not. Only so can the deadly problems of today be solved.

Isaac Asimov, "My Own View," The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction

Again, I would broaden his words out to all of Speculative Fiction.

Lovecraft's Mythos

Cthulhu in the lost city of R'lyeh
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Numerous horror novels/movies have shown us the problems eugenics would unleash upon our societies. Lestat's hope that there is some good in the universe heightens his fear and motivates him to find the answers.

H. P. Lovecraft's fiction had a simple message behind the supernatural horror.  Humankind's chief sin is hubris.  We think too highly of ourselves, and as a result blind ourselves to the fact that somewhere in this vast cosmos, there are creatures who are infinitely more powerful than we are, and whose motives are unfathomable by human logic.

Cthulu, Nyarlahotep, Azathoth, the color out of space, and the color out of time are all horrifying warnings that if we lie to ourselves, pretending there is not a bigger fish out there, we will eventually be devoured by it.


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is an all too familiar cautionary tale about scientific and technological advance without the restraining forces of morality and common sense.  The tale has been told and retold, spawning an entire subgenre of horror about the dangers of dabbling in things not understood.

The Resident Evil franchise, Godzilla, and so many others I could spend the rest of the year naming them have picked up the mantle and and shared the horrific future we could create for ourselves if we are not careful to think ahead and not blindly rush into the future.

Star Trek

star-trek-crew-tm.jpgShowed us a future we could hope for.  Imagine a world  where hunger and poverty were removed from the equation.  New challenges would raise their heads, some of which would threaten to return us to the barbaric world we had left behind.

Gene Roddenberry kindled a vision in the hearts and minds of his fans of a world of limitless possibilities.  A world were our only limitations were our imagination and our character.  It is a world to strive towards.

Lord of the Rings

In the Lord of the Rings books, J. R. R. Tolkien showed us a world on the cusp of transition from one age to another.  His mythic prose illuminated the choices that people have to make when culture finds itself on the crossroads of history.

The basic choice is demonstrated through the characters of Sauroman and Gandolf.  Their world, their age was ending.  They had the choice to either embrace the future and try to make the new world a better place to live, or to hold on the past and seek the destruction of the new world before it comes.  Gandolf chose the first path, Sauromon chose the latter.

Star Wars

Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
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Anakin Skywalker is faced with the same choice in the Star Wars saga.  At first he fights the future out of his attachment, but when he is faced with the ultimate decision, watching the future be destroyed in the person of his son, he learns that he must let go of his attachments and help the future come.

I wonder if that is why more people don't love the prequel trilogy.  It touches a nerve in them, and despite our bravado, no one really wants to think of themselves as Darth Vader.  No one wants to entertain the thought that they could destroy everything they believe in and care for as a result of trying to protect it.

Like all great stories, Star Wars holds a mirror up to us and says, this could be you.

We need Progressive Speculative Fiction

Many things are hard to talk about.  Stories can often show us things we would not or could not have seen otherwise.

Next time, we will discuss the differences between Positive Scifi and Progressive Speculative Fiction.

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Randal Graves and the Empire Top 100

randaltop100 Randal Graves from Kevin Smith’s brilliant film Clerks has is number 92 on Empire’s Top 100 Greatest Movie Characters.

Why He's On The List: Randal is the voice of countless generations - anyone who's had a shitty customer service job in their early twenties will understand his attitude, wishing they could have articulated their frustration with his artful profanity and supreme disregard for, well, anything. But the key to Randal is that he doesn't necessarily hate his job, it's just that he remembers not to care (Empire).

Also on the List:

It is great to see how many Speculative Fiction characters make the list, especially in the top 10.  It makes me wonder if we should make our own list.

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Star Wars: Visions of the Blade Online Comic

starwarsvisionsofhteblade Star Wars.com just posted a free online comic about the Soul Calibur IV / Star Wars crossover called Star Wars: Visions of the Blade. The comic is little more than an attempt to explain how Darth Vader and Yoda ended up in Soul Calibur IV.

It is hardly great literature, and the story is not that memorable, but the art style is interesting, and some of the panels are poster worthy.

If you are a Star Wars junkie, you may want to read it, if for no other reason than the seen with the exiled Yoda and Qui-gon on Dagoba, if that doesn’t interest you then skip it.

Kiss Thinks Star Wars is Hotter than Hell

maulbruce1 Maul Stanley, which has to be one of the best cosplay puns I have ever heard,  interviewed Bruce Kulick about Kiss and Star Wars.

So who's scarier under the mask, Darth Vader or Gene Simmons?

Good question! Gene can be very scary, but I'd have to say he's still one up on Darth Vader.

In that case... lightsaber to your head: Star Wars or Star Trek?

Oh, no! Well, I have been a fan of Star Trek longer so I'm going to have to choose that over Star Wars.

You have chosen... poorly.

(Maul Stanley)

Now, I have to ask Bruce a bunch of Star Trek questions.

For the whole interview:

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