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New Star Trek Clip: Uhura has a brain, Kirk is an Ass

MTV just added a clip from the new Star Trek Movie called Shot Of Love:

This clip is a little unusual for a Star Trek movie, but it does feel good to see Kirk get insulted.  I can only hope he gets his butt kicked next, but I know that it too much to ask for.

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New Star Trek Clip: Bones is afraid to fly!

st_vegas_mccoy_72dpiYahoo! Movies. added a short clip from the J. J. Abrams Star Trek Movie titled Disease and Danger, and I can't believe how much it makes me laugh. The scene depicts McCoy being ushered to his seat next to Kirk while loudly complaining about his fear of flying and all of the ways they could die either on their short flight or once they get into space.

I have to admit, the slip is funny, and it reminded me of something a young Bones would say and do.  I almost hate to say it, but I think they might be bringing me around.  Dare I consider the possibility that the film might actually be good?

Watch it here

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Will Chris Pine ruin The Green Lantern?

Green Lanterns of two worlds: Hal Jordan (left...
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Rumors are spiraling around Chris Pine as the Green Lantern.  I only have one thing to say:


Chris Pine has never done a good or even decent job in anything he has ever done.  He even did a bad job in Princess Diaries 2!  Which was not a role that required a lot of skill.  I have not seen Star Trek yet, but his performance in the trailers has been William Shatner bad.

I have enough concerns about the movie because director Martin Campbell made Casino Royal, but he also made the 2 Antonio Banderas Zorro movies.

I really hope this is just a rumor.

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New Kirk/Spock Posters

Kirk_CharacterPoster_72DPI Spock_CharacterPoster_72DPI The first two theatrical release teaser posters for Star Trek are out.  I added the text at the bottom of the thumbs, just click through to see the high quality originals.

I am not sure why they are in black and white, or why Kirk looks evil.  Maybe they are making to the new Kirk more like William Shatner than the character he played.  Just kidding, but I do think it’s a little strange.  Maybe he’s just angry because Spock is suppose to steal the show again.  I am starting to get used to Quinto as Spock.