How to: Stream Star Trek: TOS

Star-Trek-CrewBack in February, I announced that CBS had added Star Trek: The Original Series to there collection of online streaming offering (see it here), but it remains one of my most asked questions. I suppose it is because I talk about Star Trek all the time on the podcast and blog, but since I last answered the question, the number of ways to watch Star Trek have grown.

  • CBS Online has the entire series (here)
  • Joost also has the entire series (here). I am partial to Joost and use it to watch a lot of TV including Star Trek. It requires a download, but the vast array of content available is worth it, not to mention the ability to make custom play lists. This is very handy for making your own marathons.

I found Joost to be more reliable than CBS when it comes to streaming. None of the other series or movies are availble for streaming at this time.

Don't buy the hype about the Adobe Media Player. I have seen numerous ads claiming that it has Star Trek... What it has are some lame corporate attempts to make YouTube videos using Star Trek clips. None are funny. Save yourself the time.