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Exploring: Alice in Wonderland 2010

Exploring: Alice in Wonderland (2010)

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The Plot / Story:

This movie is a continuation of Alice’s adventures picking up 10 years after she has left Wonderland and forgotten the earlier visit.  She returns and learns that she must help the inhabitants to slay the Jabberwocky, the dragon who terrorizes the inhabitants of Wonderland under the rule of the Red Queen. (Wikipedia) (The Official Site)


6out of 10

Overall Alice in Wonderland was good but not great.  I would own it but not rush out to get it right away.  It failed to live up to the expectations for a movie with such a gifted cast and director behind it.

Where was the wonderland in this movie?  I got the feel that Tim Burton's heart was not in the movie.  After all he gave us Batman, Beetle Juice and Nightmare Before Christmas all of which brought much wonder to the settings.  Even the animated Disney film had much more wonder to it's Wonderland.  I also had the strong feeling that this movie was focused grouped and polished too much.  This one felt more like the Lion the Witch and Wonderland than and Alice in Wonderland story.

Overall Alice in Wonderland was not bad it just should have been much better.  I will watch it again and look forward to seeing if there are missing scenes on the DVD.  I  wish they could go back and redo it, maybe give us a directors cut with feeling.


  • The Music was great
  • had some beautiful scenes
  • the Cheshire cat, Jabberwocky, red and white queen, all looked good

Concerns Addressed

  • Jonny Depp’s Mad Hatter coming across more like his Captain Jack character:  Through out most of the movie he played a brilliant Mad Hatter.  Although he did seem more like captain jack in the tea party scene this may also have been the influence from the 3D effects.
  • Tim Burton's heart was not in the film, it should have been creepier, weirder and more bizarre
  • had a focused group feel, too shiny
  • Anne Hathaway seemed unrehearsed and ill prepared which was odd for the character who would have been overly rehearsed and overly prepared
  • The ending seemed like so much claptrap, have we forgotten how to end the film.  Alice came off totally unhinged why would I trust her as a business partner


First Impressions

Under Tim Burton’s direction I expect Alice in Wonderland to be a dark and strange trip down the rabbit hole.  The music should also be very good under Danny Elfman’s direction.  The cast involved in the project is stellar though there is concern over Jonny Depp’s Mad Hatter coming across more like his Captain Jack character.  The problem I’ve had so far is how some of the characters look from the posters and trailers, especially the Cheshire Cat who is my favorite character.  I expect some of this is due to Disney’s push to make this a 3D movie.  The pros outweigh the con’s so Alice in Wonderland is still a theater for me.

The Basics

  • Studio:  Walt Disney Pictures
  • Director: Tim Burton
  • Music by:     Danny Elfman
  • Produced by:  Richard D. Zanuck, Joe Roth, Suzanne Todd, Jennifer Todd
  • Written by:  Linda Woolverton
  • Stars:  Mia Wasikowska, Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter, Crispin Glover, Michael Sheen, Stephen Fry

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Exploring: Get Smart

Review of:  Get Smart Overall Rating: 9.5 A

This film received a roaring audience laugh while mesmerizing us with stunning action sequences.  I loved seeing that they got Mel Brooks in as a consultant for the film.  The timing and placement of the jokes were impeccable.  Wether you are into KAOS or Control I highly recommend watching this movie.  I left the theater wanting to watch it again, it will definitely be an owner.

Get Smart is about how Control agent Maxwell Smart (Carrell) is sent on his first mission which is to stop KAOS in their latest plot for world domination. Agent 99 (Hathaway) is sent with him to keep Maxwell Smart out of trouble.


  • Made me laugh a lot
  • Had exciting action sequences
  • There was a delightful balance between action and comedy where one was not favored above the other.
  • The storyline moved at a beautiful pace, Cheers!!!!
  • They used some of the classic lines from Get Smart but did so in a tasteful and appropriate manner that made sense within the film.
  • As one who grew up watching Get Smart I really enjoyed all of the homage moments to the TV show.
  • There was a nice morality touch where we were reminded that villains are people too and not all of them were defeated by by shooting them.
  • Bad guys are people too.  They are what they do not who they are.
  • There were no superfluous parts put into the film.  Everything that was in had an important part to the story.
  • Steve Carell was hilarious without being shticky
  • Anne Hathaway was in the movie to be more than the Hot Chick and was a well rounded character
  • Dwane Johnson was hilarious and more than the stereotypical action hero.

Dislikes / Concerns

  • more of a concern but the fat jokes left me feeling a little weird mainly because at the beginning they were not done well and weren't very funny but there were other scenes that were very tasteful and hilarious.
  • There was a weird audio moment at the beginning of the dance scene.  I don't know if they just screwed up in cutting the sound or if it was intentional but I found it very irritating.  If it was intentional I think the movie companies should give us a discount for an intentionally broken product.
  • a villains twist was a little predictable but not too obvious.

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