Alien Trespass

DVD Releases: August 11, 2009

Out this week we have two DVDs to feature:  Alien Trespass, Veritas-Prince of Truth.

  • Veritas-Prince of Truth:  I tend to be a sucker for comic book character tales, this one is a comic book character come to life tale so I'm a little more leery about this one, even Netflix says I would give it a three which means they are unsure if I will like... only time will tell.

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Theater or Renter: April 2009

Theater or Renter: April includes Three SF movies Alien Trespass, Dragonball: Evolution, Mutant Chronicles.  Will we watch? Will we rent? or do we even care?

Rules of the Game: Watch the trailers. Rate the Trailer. Then share with us your comments: does the movie, it’s trailer and buzz make you want to watch it in the theater, rent it, or not interested at all, and why?

Alien Trespass

Watch The Trailer here:

Release Date:  APRIL 3rd  [limited]

Listed as:  Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Studio: Roadside Attractions

Director: R.W. Goodwin

Produced by: R.W. Goodwin, James Swift

Written by: Stephen P. Fisher

Stars: Eric McCormack, Jenni Baird, Robert Patrick, Jody Thompson, Dan Lauria

The Plot / Story: Based on 1950s sci-fi B movies.  The story begins in 1957 in the star-filled skies above California's Mojave Desert. An alien spaceship as a fiery ball hurtles toward earth and crash-lands on a butte in the desert.  A tall, metallic alien named Urp emerges from the craft unharmed, alarmed to discover that the monstrous Ghota, who was also on board, has escaped. The menacing one-eyed creature's unquenchable appetite could mean the end of civilization as we know it. Urp is the only one who knows how to stop the hideous extra-terrestrial, but to do so he has to take over the body of Dr. Lewis and enlist the aid of Tammy, the only human in town willing to believe and trust in his mission. Urp and Tammy must hunt down the Ghota and neutralize it before it consumes all the local inhabitants and uses the human fuel to multiply and conquer the world.  (Wikipedia) (The Official Site)

For more:  Alien Trespass opens on April 3rd

Dragonball: Evolution

Watch The Trailer here:

Release Date:  APRIL 10th

Listed as:  Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Director: James Wong

Produced by: Stephen Chow, James Wong

Written by: Screenplay: James Wong, Ben Ramsey, Manga: Akira Toriyama

Stars: Justin Chatwin, James Marsters, Jamie Chung, Emmy Rossum, Joon Park, Eriko Tamura, Randall Duk Kim, Texas Battle, Ernie Hudson, Chow Yun-Fat

The Plot / Story: After his grandfather's death, Goku goes on a journey to find Master Roshi and gather the seven mystical Dragon Balls before the evil Lord Piccolo can. Along his way, he meets Bulma and Yamcha who both join him to help him with his mission. (Wikipedia) (The Official Site)

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Mutant Chronicles

Watch The Trailer here:

Get your copy from amazon here: Mutant Chronicles

Release Date: APRIL 24th [limited]

Listed as:  Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi

Studio: Independent

Director: Simon Hunter

Produced by: Edward R. Pressman, Tim Dennison

Written by: Philip Eisner, Stuart Hazeldine

Stars: Thomas Jane, Ron Perlman, Devon Aoki, Benno Fürmann, Sean Pertwee, John Malkovich, Anna Walton, Luis Echegaray, Tom Wu, Steve Toussaint, Pras Michel, Roger Ashton-Griffiths, Curtis Walker

The Plot / Story: An independent sci-fi action film.  The story is set in the year 2707.  The world is loosely based on that of the Mutant Chronicles role-playing game, where nearly everything is powered by steam, and mankind has exhausted Earth’s natural resources. The protagonists must battle against mutant creatures accidentally unleashed upon the planet.  (Wikipedia) (The Official Site)

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Watch the first five minutes of the movie below

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Alien Trespass opens on April 3rd

Alien Trespass is a new B-movie homage to the 1950's alien invasion movie from R. W. Goodwin from the creative team behind the X-files.

Set in 1957, ALIEN TRESPASS chronicles a fiery object from space that crashes into a mountaintop in the California desert, bringing the threat of disaster to Earth. Out of the flying saucer escapes a murderous creature - the Ghota, which is bent on destroying all life forms on the planet. A benevolent alien from the spaceship, Urp, inhabits the body of Ted Lewis - a local astronomer - and with the help of Tammy, a waitress from the local diner, sets out to save mankind.

The movie stars:

The trailer (above) reminds me of the classic invasion movies I fell in love with.  I am glad to see that someone has realized that Speculative Fiction has a fun side.

Limited Release

Alien Trespass opens in limited release on April 3rd (click here for cities and theaters).  I hope it finds its way to a broader release.

For more information, check out their official site.

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