Alan Tudyk

V: Trailer- Devotion the Ultimate Weapon

Ok, I am so surprised how excited I am about this series.  The Trailer looks great, sort of an Independance Day meets Battlestar Galactica meets V.

29 ships surround the world.  I love the way the ship switches over to  display its message on its underside.

Devotion: The Ultimate Weapon

I wondered how they were going to update the series to reflect the times.  Framing the coming of the Visitors with the human longing for a savior is a brilliant move.

I am curious to see how they are going to answer it in the series.

Alan Tudyk

Alan Tudyk is in the trailer for all of 2 seconds.  Look carefully he is in there.

Unmasking the Visitors

The short clip of the Visitors true face looked great!  I think this will work out.

Serenity/Firefly Dragon*Con Dream

clipped from
Absolutely, I believe Buffy died twice. I think that would be a great thing to do because I would have to go learn all the things that I knew before… If we ever did make another installment of this movie, we would both [Tudyk and Fillion] be in it. I don’t know how he’d [director Joss Whedon] do it but he’s very good at bringing them back from the dead.”
It is a wonderful dream to believe that there could one day be a sequel to Serenity, but this quote from Alan Tudyk at Dragon*Con is too much of a pipe dream unless they are talking about a prequel. Unless I missed something, Wash died in the movie, so how could Alan Tudyk come back?

It sounds more like wishful thinking to me than anything to get my hopes up over.