SF News Bites: Akira Lives?, Stan Lee's Super Seven Series Online

Akira Lives?

Albert and Allen Hughes are finalizing a deal to direct the live-action Akira. So it's still in the works but I don't have hopes of seeing the movie any year soon. (via /Film)

Stan lee's Super Seven Series

Stan lee's Super Seven Series is a new project which will be distributed in print, online, on air, and retail channels. It’s nice to see more comics especially one of the big boys adding the simultaneous online distribution model to the mix.

The series will be about: Seven aliens who find themselves stranded on planet Earth after their spaceship crashes, only to be befriended by none other than Lee himself. Taking them under his care, Lee becomes their leader and enables them to resume their lives as superheroes on earth.

Stan Lee is excited because it’s "the first time that I’ll actually be a continuing character in a far-out, original superhero series.”

I enjoyed his cameo’s in the various marvel movies and think it would be fun to see him as a reoccurring character.

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Akira Live Action Remake?

41ZQMF80TCL._SL210_ Update on films and series I loved as a child being turned into live action films that I doubt will be any good, Leonardo DiCaprio's Appian Way plans to make a live action remake of Akira, a film that does not need to be remade at all... I have no problem films being made that continue previous films, but I have never been a fan of remakes. I can only think of a few film remakes that have not sucked and even fewer that were better than the original.

I wish these studios would spend more time coming up with original ideas, and less time rehashing previously successful films that they hope will be successful all over again.

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