Early look at '77

'77 also know as 5-25-77 is an independent movie about the adventures of young Pat Johnson, a budding filmmaker fighting against the odds to spread the word of the original Star Wars film on its opening day - May 25th, 1977.  Watch the video below.

I’m can’t wait to watch '77.  From the trailer it looks like a coming of age tale for SF fans.  I love the geeky references.  For the record the Enterprise’s shields could not withstand a shot from the Deathstar but it could easily out dodge the shot.

When will '77 hit theaters?

There is no release date yet but Patrick Read Johnson gives us an idea of what to expect in an interview.

There won't be any release plan until we make our final domestic deal in November. I know it frustrates a lot of outside observers that we can't give them a hard release date, but the truth is, it's really a very freeing thing to be able to make your film, the way you really want it made, without having to live in fear of an impending date you absolutely have to hit. If we'd made this film through a studio and completed it in, you know 9 months or something... there are a number of wonderful things that might never have made it into the film. Though no one wants to see '77 in theaters more than me, my fellow filmmakers and I are also keenly aware that making a GOOD independent film as ambitious as our for as little money as we've had to spend almost always results in a long gestation process. And frankly, on a film this important to me, I'm really very lucky to have had the luxury of all this time.

For a lucky few '77 premiered at the Hamptons International Film Festival where it received great reviews and received the Heineken Red Star Award but it does not have a national nor international release yet.

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