Random Generators and Writer's Block

Writer’s block has be to one of the worse feelings a creative person can feel:  the deep and burning desire to create frustrated by the inability to connect any two words or ideas in any coherent fashion.

When I get stumped I like to resort to the completely random.  For example, I will often spin the story wheel in Dramatica, but I realize that is not an easy program to acquire.  No worries, there are a number of great free randomizers out there.  Here are a couple great resources:

Language is a Virus has a great crop of tools for curing Writer's Block.

Manon has a large number of random generators up on the site.  They cover almost every need:

  • People


  • Names
  • Character Builders


  • Places

  • Miscellaneous things

  • Stories

  • Travesties
  • …and links to other random generators.  These would be great to use when you need to generate statistics for a story or a game you are running.