Back from Shore Leave

C.E. Dorsett

Shore Leave was amazing this year! This was my first convention since Liquid Sky came out, and it was wonderful!

Friday, July 7, 2006

Things were a bit confused when we arrived early on Friday. Since my panel was confirmed little over a week before the convention, no one knew what my status at the Con would be. When I received my badge, they gave me a regular attendee pass and didn't know if I would be included in any other events at the convention. I felt a great deal of support from the other attendees who supported and accepted me immediately upon my arrival. After being bounced around to several people, I got my badge fixed. They attached a program participant notice to the bottom, hopefully I will earn a guest badge in the future. I was also welcomed at the "Meet the Pros" writers' alley later that night.

The first book I sold a copy of Liquid Sky too at Shore Leave was to the wonderful people from They were a great deal of fun, and good people to boot. They took a picture of me with Selmak, and I am told it will be up on their site soon.

I met a lot of wonderful people Friday night, and that night, I was seated on the "Meet the Pros" writers' alley next to Ray Villard!! As a science geek, this was like sitting next to a rock star. This man has done so much to bring science alive in my imagination and countless others.

Being there, surrounded by all of these writers that I have admired for so long was an amazing experience. After so many years on the other side of the table, I was privileged and overwhelmed. Everyone did so much to make me feel at home and at ease among so many great writers. I have to add here, Paulette, if you read this, I really enjoyed our conversation and I hope you enjoy the book.

Saturday, July 8

After such an amazing day, I was afraid of what I would find on my full day at the convention. Quickly, I found my fears were nothing but jitters. I met many wonderful people really early on. Mark, it was great to talk to you. I really felt like I met kindred spirit in you.

A high point for me was the Gay Fandom: a melding of two communities panel. I was happy to see so many GLBT people coming out to discuss the good and the bad aspects of the portrayal of GLBT people and themes in SciFi media and press. This is a subject near and dear to my heart, especially since I have found it so difficult to publish any of my stories with prominent GLBT characters and themes. I also hope to begin a relationship with Dragon Lady Productions.

That night, I met Martin and Teresa, two very cool people who hung out for the rest of the night with me. Cheers y'all.

My panel, "Anime Themes in Literature" spent most of our time discussing the differences between Japanese and American SF, and the difference being more one of style effecting content, and not content in and of itself. My thesis was simple. Japanese SF is focused more on telling and imaginative story whereas American SF is preoccupied with the definition of "odd things" as odd. Maybe I'll write an essay for the site. The panel went well.

Sunday, July 9

I got to attend the Writer's Only Breakfast! I sat next to A.C. Crispin, who is one of the reasons I became a writer. She offered me a lot of good advice, and really made me feel like a novice. She was blunt in her comments, but her words will hopefully help me as I shop "Shine like Thunder" around.

Our Breakfast was accidentally paid for by a representative from Pocket Books. A.C. Crispin became enraged, while Brian and I slipped out.

Other Notes

In short, Brian and I had a great time. Our reception at Shore Leave was amazing. I hope all of the people who we met will stay in touch. I hope you all enjoy the book and I hope to see you all next year.

After consultation with a good deal of people, we have decided to make Liquid Sky into the first Audiobook available from I hope to have it ready soon.

Thanks to everyone who made our time at Shore Leave so enjoyable.