What dejla taught me about writing

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There are times when I forget what it's all about, and I need a reminder:

That's the joy of fanfic. It's not a career, it's not a job, it's not something you slog at 9 to 5. It's something you choose to do because it delights you. You get the pictures out of your head and onto the page, and then, sometimes, you share them. Sometimes you don't, like Emily Dickinson, but even if you don't, you wrote them because you wanted to. Because it was exciting to see the words on the page (dejla).

All writing should be like that!!  All of it!

Before I got into it with my sister about my future as a writer, I used to write like that.  But she told me I had to buckle down and get serious or give it up... so I did.

I remember when writing was fun, but it hasn't been for a long time.  I don't want to let her down, so I doubled down and started looking at my writing as a career... that was a big mistake.

Every writer needs to stay connected to their passions.  I lost my way and now I find it really hard to write.  I have to go back to basics and fall in love all over again.

Thank you dejla.  I needed a good swift kick in the ass.

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