Amazon settles in Antitrust lawsuit

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Is this really a reason to celebrate?

The Booklocker suit was in response to a decision by Amazon to make all print-on-demand publishers use its BookSurge (now CreateSpace) division if they want to sell their titles directly on the Amazon Web site or face the removal of their buy button. Under the agreement, Amazon agreed to not remove Booklocker books from its Web site or to remove the “Add to Shopping Cart” button. Amazon, which admitted to no wrongdoing, also agreed to pay $300,000 in attorney’s fees (Publishers Weekly).

I don't think so.

Amazon gets to admit no wrongdoing, and pay what for them is a tiniest of tiny fractions of what they make an hour...

This maybe good news for Booklocker, but what about the other Print-on-demand providers?  I assume they are covered, and I hope to Uma Thurman that I am right.

The Publishing industry is changing, and we need new rules.

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