How Prevented me from participating in NaNoWriMo

I had planned to write my heart out this year for National Novel Writing Month. If you listen to my podcast you know I was bouncing back and forth between a steampunk and a space opera story. I had enough worked out on either to write something this November, until I saw this:

Fh1Please note that Amazon Shorts is no longer accepting new submissions to the program while we investigate other ways to easily connect authors to customers. Existing Shorts will continue to be made available to customers for purchase and download, but no additional content will be added to the program. If you are an author and would like to be updated on related developments, please fill out the form below (Amazon).

After stringing me along since February 18th, when I sent in Wings of Destiny, the newest installment in my Fate's Harrow series, they have decided to "investigate other ways to easily connect authors to customers."

Fh2They could have at the very least sent me an email about it, after all, every chapter of Fate's Harrow was a number 1 bestseller on the Science Fiction Chart. No, I found out about it by visiting their site. That is not the way to cement a strong working relationship.
Well, at least I am now free from their terrible cover design department, and nearly free to complete the series.

Nearly... You see, I have to follow the procedures in the contract to notify them of my intentions, but after that, I will be able to do what every I want with the series. I am in that process right now.

Fh3Since I have received so many emails from you guys asking me when the next chapter is coming out, I have decided to finish Fate's Harrow, do cover design, and figure out how we will distribute the stories. Fate's Harrow will remain on for $0.49 each, and if you purchased one already, they will still be in your digital locker.
I am not abandoning any future work with, I am simply no longer going to wait for them to figure out what they are doing.

So what exactly are we doing?

  • Brian and I like our relationship with Lulu, and will use them as at least on outlet for the stories.

  • We are not sure if we are going to reprint the stories are now on, but I don't think we will until the collection comes out.

  • Fate's Harrow, Part 3: Wings of Destiny is already written and edited, and will be the first new story to come out.

Why is this preventing me from doing NaNoWriMo?

There are only 4 stories left in the series, and I do not believe they will come close to being 50,000 words total. It is possible, but extremely unlikely.

So as I begin writing Fate's Harrow, Part 4: Black Fire, I believe we are doing the right thing. I know those of you who have been clamoring for more Fate's Harrow. They are on the way, and should be out soon.