Spirituality, “The Devil and the Monk”

I accidentally upset Rodger Trinidad with my review of “The Deavil and the Monk.”

This is probably the first response where someone found the story more funny than they found it spiritually enlightening (Theory of Everything Comics).

I hate to say this, but I found the story to be a great tale of Crazy Wisdom.  I have practiced several forms of Buddhist Meditation for years, and after 2004, I have refrained from talking about my religious and spiritual beliefs on this site.  As a result, I did not mention to the enlightening nature of the comic.

As often happens, I have gone to an extreme that is too far from where I should be, and it caused my review to suffer.  When I told my friends in person, I explained the spiritual insight of the comic.

I am sorry for this, and I will work harder in the future to find a better middle between talking too much and not at all.