Twitter Updates for 2007-12-31

  • Will Smith is playing a disgruntaled Superhero in his nexr flick?? ugh, not sure about that. #

  • It is so cold in the house right now, Yay, the heater just kicked on #

  • Going live on Talkshoe with P:SI #

  • I have to get the show compressed so i can get out the door... all day in town, yikes, this should be interesting. #

  • i am at the Wine Rack/Java Stop, I am going to try to get some work done before the party, but I have the New Years Funk already. #

  • Negronis solve everything :) #

  • I am only getting 18 kbps so it might not be the best idea to stream from here... i will try again later, but this is not promising... #

  • I just got tricked into the habanero salsa, my mouth burns!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh! #

  • We are going to try a stream in a bit, I am setting up the audio now, fingers crossed #