Batman: The Dim Wits... Joker Revealed

[sigh... sob... SCREAM] I got a look at Heath Ledger as the Joker..


IGN: The Joker Revealed

GRRRRRRRRRRR! Look it is a bad Marilyn Manson impersonator.

How creative, How genius, lets destroy years of imaginative storytelling to turn the Batman franchise into nothing more than a cheap and pointless pop culture spectacle that has nothing to do with the original.


It costs a lot of money to license these franchises, so why would you spend all that money to buy the rights to Batman to ignore it??  I made no secret that I hated Batman: Begins, but this image has brought out a wrath in me that I can hardly contain.  The Joker is NOT Marilyn Manson, that is Spawn not Batman that you are thinking of.

Well this should sell Marilyn Manson's new album, but it has convinced me not to see Batman: The Dark Knight.  I doubt now that I will even rent it.