LOTR Online, or Where Have I Been Lately

Ok, ok, I did not blog yesterday, after I answered your email questions, I found myself lost again in the Lord of the Rings Online...  Like I need to expose myself to another MMO...

What depresses me is how much better it is compared to Star Wars Galaxies.  To be honest, I like Star Wars more that the Rings (especially the films), but the makers of LOTR Online have found a way to capture the setting in a way that Galaxies has not.  The game has been very fun, and Brian and I are really having a blast running through the story and learning how to play (I am a Loremaster and he is a Hunter).

I have not decided to leave Galaxies, I hold out hope that a Chapter 6 will make Star Wars fun again... but I am having the some problem with LOTR as I am with Galaxies:

The people...  I want to enter these settings for the roleplaying and for the group play... so far, I have not ran into any roleplayers and the few fellowships Brian and I have tried, the other person had no interest working with the group to accomplish our quest.

Tonight, I will create a new character on the Brandywine server and look for the others who listen to SQPN in hopes to find people I want to spent times with.

I am still learning how the game works, I will do a fuller review of it later.