The chill has returned to my heart and mind.  Deep darkness like that I have known before.  Now, my soul shakes and shivers within.  Terror's icy grip prevents me from moving.  I will get through.

Day before yesterday, I bought the new best of from Christian Death (Death Club 1981-1993), and the interview with Rozz Williams at the end caused my head to spin.  I have always identified with Rozz in a way I cannot really explain.  I started thinking about the day he... died...  The thought crossed my mind: why did he fall and I live.

The world lost so much that day.  And I have gotten past those dark desires to end it all.  But why did I overcome while he fell.  How can I help others to overcome as I did?

Ache within is the pain that tells us we are alive.  As Kierkegaard said, it is the proof of the immortality of the soul.  It devours our soul, yet does not consume it.

The sun is starting to rise.  The clouds are parting.  I just had to share.