Goals, Hopes and Ambitions

face_to_logo_150 As we get closer to 2008, I find myself thinking a lot about my hopes for next year, and making plans to accomplish them. My blessing/curse is that I tend to dream big. None of my goals are easy to accomplish, but that is all the more reason to focus on making them into realities. It feels like too many people have forgotten how to dream big. They are happy with little to nothing, never daring to hope that they could have more. I love my life, but that doesn't mean that I don't keep setting goals for myself to stretch for. Don't get me wrong, be content where you are, but never stop stretching for the stars.

My Dreams and Ambitions

I want:

  • to write and produce an animated series/movies.

  • to write content for and manage my own MMO.

  • to have my own table-top and computer rpgs (I have a scheme for this but I am not sharing :P)

  • to have a family, not a large one, but a couple of kids.

  • to find peace.

None of these are easy to achieve, but they are all worth pursuing. More importantly, they give me something to strive towards. I am not sure how or when I will be able to do them, but I have to keep trying. I have more dreams than I know what to do with, but hope is the heart of life.

Queensryche taught me the Art of Life:

The art of life is ...
without rushing, without faltering, unraveling the secrets of knowledge.
We must challenge and defeat our four natural enemies;
Clarity of mind.
Power and the desire to rest. (Tribe)

What else is there to do?