Live-action fan film Robotech Valkyrie Project coming soon


Director Cesar A. Turturro and writer Jorge Luis Sucksdorf are working in Argentina to make a full, live-action Robotech fan film.  Robotech: Valkyrie Project is the result.

According to their website, they had expected to have the movie out in 2012.  The trailer above was released in December as proof they are still working on the project.

I hope they release it soon.  The trailers are amazing.  Maybe this will even goad Hollywood into making a quality Robotech film.

Nic Mathieu has been tapped to direct Robotech, Warner Bros.’ big-budget adaptation of the venerable anime featuring giant mechanical warriors.

The project has major franchise potential -- on the scale of Transformers -- and has been in development at the studio since 2007. Akiva Goldsman and Tobey Maguire are producing along with Matthew Plouffe, Joby Harold and Tory Tunnell (Hollywood Reporter).

Fingers crossed.