Market Wars: The Female Geek

Over at Club Jade, they pointed out a post over at How not to suck at game design about Why marketers fear the female geek.  This is a topic that need some attention.

We had a long talk about this at Shore Leave this year in two of the Panels I was on.  I've never understood why men in suits prefer to ignore or be condescending to women rather than just treat them as part of marketplace.

Since the majority of my readers are women, thank you by the way, I realize what a powerful part of the market they can be.  So why would anyone ignore more than half the market?

Men are easy

Hot Chick + Nudity (partial or full) + violence + spectacle = work made for men.

While I am not and would never say that women are not interested in these things or their combination, for the most part, female geeks (at least the ones I know), are very detail oriented.  It is harder to come up with an interesting plot or characters than it is to follow the man equation above.

I can only hope that this stupidity with end in the not to distant future.  Do you have any other ideas why marketers are choosing to ignore women, please share in the comments.  This all confuses me way too much.