Final Fantasy IX and Leaves' Eyes- Return of Odin

Final Fantasy IX doesn't really get the credit it deserves.  It was a great game with amazing characters, not to mention a huge step forward for the role-playing genre.

This game, like all the Final Fantasy games, has been hugely influential to my work and continues to inspire my imagination.  Setting the game to Leaves Eyes, Legend Land, is a perfect score for this epic game.

Legend Land and Vineland Saga were such amazing albums, it is sad that there are not more videos from them.  I call on vidders everywhere to take up the challenge and give these albums the movies they deserve.

I love that they tacked on the return of Odin and at the end of the video.  That was really the point in the game where awesome turn to epic.

The Black mages were my favorite part of Final Fantasy IX, what was yours?