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Our Solemn Hour: How it all began

This song is a mind worm, it dug in and wouldn't let go. I knew I wanted to do something with scattered images that trouble my vision every time I listen to it. No single idea stood out at first and I posted quite a few of them on the site. Eventually, a character stood out and I knew what I was going to write, sort of.

Enter Ronan Keon

Ronan popped into my head and said, "I am a survivor from the lost city of Parthalan.  I was there when it fell.  I tried to save it, to save anything... but in the end, it all fell apart.  I hate what the moon brings."

I perked up immediately.  That is interesting, and I recognized that last phrase.

H. P. Lovecraft wrote a vignette called, What the Moon Brings, on June 5, 1922 that starts with the line, "I hate the moon."  It is a gastly short about unspeakable horrors bleeding into the world through the moon light.  The story is powerful and evocative, but it posed a problem for me.

I already have a dark fantasy setting.

Dragons of Night is my contemporary, dark fantasy setting.  Was Ronan a new character for it?

No.  Images of a man in Alexander McQueen inspired clothes with a sword on his back and a staff in his hands didn't fit well into Dragons of Night.  Then it hit me.

Steampunk Sword & Sorcery Wuxia!

I could write the story as a Sword and Sorcery, a genre I love, and that a lot of you have asked me to work in, while at the same time breaking from several conventions of the genre.

The swordplay and organization in the world will draw on Wuxia and Jedaigeki sources rather than European legends and Romances.  This may not be new for anime or manga, but I am not familiar with much prose fiction like that.  The idea of writing an anime type sword and sorcery is exciting.  I allow myself a lot more freedom than I would have ordinarily to do things differently.

The setting will eschew (I use that word in honor of Mark Twain) medievalism with a world resembling  Steampunk, Westerns, Swashbuckling fiction, and Gaslight fiction.  No squabbling nobles, royals, or the like.  The stories will be about individuals rather than nations at war, and the stakes will be personal.

Characterization will be as important as the Action/Adventure elements.  Many Sword and Sorcery stories miss that part.  I am not saying that I will be perfect with it, but I really want the stories to be character driven.

Now I had it.  A seed for the setting, a character, and some genre rules to build from.  Our Solemn Hour is starting to take shape.

The Final Fantasy Connection

I chose that particular vid for Our Solemn Hour for a reason.  It starts to build the visual tone poem for the world I am wanting to create.

I pitched the world to Brian by saying: Imagine Final Fantasy meets Lovecraft if it were written by Robert E Howard.  That is super high concept, but it helps to bring together a vision until I get the setting bible done.

If I can pull this off, it will honestly be my favorite thing I have ever written.  I hope you all enjoy the process as I blog about it and the stories as they come out.

My First Video To Share With dashPunk

Here is my first video to share with the new dashpunk. The Buffy Fly Away video was started five years ago right after the death of someone close to me died. I have tried to work on this video numerous times but never good really give it all my effort because my thought would return to that bad time in my life. This the third and final cut of this video. Remember, there is no shame in grief.

Vidding is Free Speech

By jonathan mcintoshVidding is the art and craft of remixing video and music to produce an original work.  I keep getting asked, is this free speech or not?

I am not a lawyer

Legality is (unfortunately) in the eye of the copyright holders.  Some rights holders would rather maintain a stranglehold on their properties than allow free promotion of their works.  I think a better question than "are vids legal" is "should vids be legal?"

They paved paradise...

Vidding to me is a natural expression of fandom and  a proper use of a fan's fair use rights.

Copyright is intended to maintain the profitability of a creative work for those who poured their blood, sweat, and tears into making it.  I have no problem with a creative person making money off the fruit of their labors, but entertainment designers need to think about how and why they make money, and if the answer is licensing fees, they need to find a new job.

Fan Love = Money

Let me take a moment to talk directly to my fellow entertainment designers.

Hey guys and gals, I know some of you already know this but we need to bring some peer pressure on those who don't.  If you want to make money, you need people to like you, even better if you can make them fall in love.

I know, love a scary thing, and relationships are hard.  You have to develop listening skills, and actually care how your actions affect others.  The risk is worth the rewards. 

As your relationship with your fans grows, they will start participating in the media.  They will make art, filk, and fanfiction.  If they really love you, they will take the time to make a vid.  I know it is scary to have someone other than you edit your work, but they will then share it with others who have never heard of you.

Love is risky.  It is hard to put yourself out there, without risk, there are no rewards.  If you make it hard for people to love you, they will walk away, leaving you cold and alone and eventually walking the streets wondering why no one dares to care for you anymore.  You will end up spending all you time and money on ad agencies who, let's face it, are little more than the dating sites for media.

Don't make it hard to love you.  Relax, take it easy, and you'll find your relationships worth wild.

Vidding as fair use

If you are not making money off your vids, or reproducing copyrighted content verbatim, they no one should be able to argue that you have made a copy.

A copy is an identical, frame by frame reproduction of a work without alteration.  A derivative is reproducing a work with alterations, and so not as you are not reproducing a work in its entirety, I cannot see how anyone could see that new work as a product that violates copyright.

If I make a 5 minute video from a 90 minute movie, how is that a copy of the movie?

But what about the music?

I am not sure I want to go down this rabbit hole at this moment in time, but I think music is something very different from video.

If no one ever hears a song, it will never be heard.  That may be the dumbest sentence I have ever typed, but I think it makes an important point.

While I believe musicians should make money off their work, I am not convinced that a musician has a right to a fee for non-comercial uses of their music.  If I use music in a product I am making money from, then, if that music is fundamental to the enjoyment of the work, like a film score, then yes, the musician deserves a fee.  However, if I use music in a non-comercial, commentary, or introductory way, then... well... that play is fair use.

I suppose I would apply these rules:

  1. If I make money from your music, you should too.
  2. If I am not making money off your music, I owe you nothing.

The best way I can see vidders making money off their vids is to affiliate link to the original music or video content.  Then everyone wins!!

New Vid: Black Skies (Prince of Persia: Sands of Time)

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film)
Image via Wikipedia

Warnings: moderate violence, spoilers for Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Summary: A foolhardy man has only himself to blame for his woes. It takes a reason to turn a  foolhardy man into a great man. Dustan has many Reasons.

Music: Linkin Park: New Divide

Story: Dustan jumps into action with no thought of how those actions will affect those he loves. When everything dear to him is taken, he fights to understand whats happened, and turns back the clock to stop his own madness.

Watch & Download

Black Skies vid here at my site

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Indiana Jones Wanted Dead Or Alive

I’ve been thinking about doing a Indiana Jones video for a while and came across this vid by Jesuit.

A video in tribute to the latest Indy adventure concerning a Crystal Skull. Footage from all the first three movies (Raiders of the Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Last Crusade) set to Bon Jovi's Wanted Dead or Alive. Because Jonesy is a cowboy with his steel horses and whatnot. Inspiration came from an Adam Monroe video I saw set to Behind Blue Eyes, a splitscreen masterpiece which I've recreated best to my ability before slapping some Olde film grain effects on top. As usual with film grain effects though, Youtube butchered it into undetailed blurriness.

It is a perfect example of how to cut clips to the beat of the song.  I would love to see a follow up video to Bon Jovi’s ”Blaze Of Glory”.

Get more here: Bon Jovi, Indiana Jones.

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Doctor Who David Tennant Tribute Vid

I've been trying to find a way to honor Ten and his years after "The End of Time", and this felt like a nice way of doing it. Hopefully, I've made him justice.

This vid is a fun nostalgic return to the adventures of the 10th Doctor Who.  The use of Come Sail Away was a good touch to help set the mood.  The vid features many of the Doctors companions:  Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Sarah Jones, Captain Jack, Jenny and even River Song.

He had such favorable reactions (MUCH love for everyone who commented! Seriously, I can't thank you enough) and I just loved him so much in it that I couldn't just cut him. And, in fact, this turned out to be a very good decision once I managed to figure out an ending for his "B plot", which made a pretty good ending for the vid itself… when the Doc regenerates, his older self isn't gone, he just stays home and watches his current self on the TV. ;)

di0br uses Christopher Eccleston the 9th doctor to knit together all of the other parts of the video.  Setting him as someone watching the other vids on a TV flipping channels as a transition between songs.  I would have loved to see a moment when Eccleston changed the channel and had Tennant telling him not to blink.

At 7 minutes long it seems long at first but worth watching.  The length works as a tribute vid.  I would like to see some of the parts made into individual vids themselves.

  • “It's the end of the world as we know it” would make a fun vid there are so many scenes to pull from in addition to the ones feature here.
  • "Bohemian rhapsody" the use of it with clips from Human Nature was brilliant.  I would love to see it expanded to a full vid in itself adding clips from Utopia as well.  The anguish of the Master before he is let go would add an interesting element and pull the two events together through the watches.
  • A Jack Tubthumping vid just writes it’s self
  • "Sympathy for the devil"  I wished this song started with Mr Saxon and want a vid of that featuring Mr Saxon and the Master
  • Last but not least "I think I'm a clone now" would make a hilarious vid not only looking at the multiple doctors but also the master when he reproduced himself in The End of Time and also use Jenny the Doctors daughter.

FULL TRACK LIST: "Come sail away" by Styx "Kung Fu fighting" by Carl Douglas "Girls just wanna have fun" by Cyndi Lauper "My humps" by the Black Eyed Peas "It's the end of the world as we know it" by R.E.M. "All by myself" by Air Supply [*ahem* OOPS evidently, this song is by Eric Carmen, not Air Supply. HUGE thanks to newwen07 for pointing that out to me ;)] "Bohemian rhapsody" by Queen "F**k you" by Lily Allen "Tubthumping" by Chumbawamba "Sympathy for the devil" by the Rolling Stones "Lady in red" by Chris DeBurgh "No rain" by Blind Melon "Time after time" by Cyndi Lauper "I think I'm a clone now" by Weird Al Yankovic "Without me" by Eminem "How far we've come" by Matchbox 20 "Changes" by Butterfly Boucher feat. David Bowie PLUS "Vogue" by Madonna and "Never gonna give you up" by Rick Astley

Thanks di0br

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