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Shadow Complex fans hate gay people

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First off, I have to say that I am getting tired of SyFy site winking at bigotry.

Known Bigot Orson Scott Card has released a never game called Shadow Complex.  200,000 people either didn't know or didn't care that this bigot was behind the game and purchased it!

SyFy's Fidgit turned this into a joke... and people like me are just getting tired of fighting this fight.

Homophobia is one of the last acceptable biases in our culture.  Honestly, I am out of breath on this topic for now.  I will just say it again:

STOP supporting bigots like Orson Scott Card and those who pay him.  Maybe I should cancel my Xbox live Gold Account...

(via Fidgit.)

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Crocheted Mario Plushie

MarioFront I wish I could crochet!  I really want to make one of these Mario Plushies.

It is odd.  I can knit, but crochet is far beyond my abilities.  Mario is one of my favorite video game characters, and this plushie is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

You don't need a lot to make it:


WW yarn in blue, red, white, peach (or a skin color) and small amounts of black and brown G Hook Fiberfill Yarn Needle Felt in small amounts (white, blue, black) 2 small shirt buttons in yellow (or gold if you have it) Sewing thread to match yarns and felts and a medium duty to heavy duty sewing needle (Wolfdreamer Off the Hook)

Full instructions can be found at Wolfdreamer Off the Hook.

(via Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins)

More Spinal Tap on Rock Band

More Spinal Tap music is available to rock you!


Now you can play:

  • Stonehenge
  • (Funky) Sex Farm
  • (Listen to the) Flower People (Reggae Stylee)
  • America
  • Big Bottom
  • Cups and Cakes
  • Gimme Some Money
  • Heavy Duty
  • Hell Hole
  • Rock 'n' Roll Creation
  • Tonight I'm Gonna Rock You Tonight

I cannot wait to gather up some dancing dwarfs and... wait!  I always play the drums!  I don't wanna die!  Maybe I won't get these...

via The Real Spinal Tap Hits Rock Band -

Sephiroth/Aerith Tribute- "The Mourning Tree"

I found this video by accident while looking for a video of the Leaves' Eyes song "Mourning Tree" to share on a forum.

This is one of my favorite songs, and I have always been surprised that more videos haven't been made using it.  I would love to see a Richard/Kahlan video, or a Daniel/Sha're video.

This one on Sephiroth and Aerith from Final Fantasy VII is an interesting way to frame the story from Advent's Children.  After all it really is their story isn't it.

Mass Effect 2 Teaser, Don’t delete your saved game!

I loved Mass Effect with a fever I haven’t felt for many games.  The above trailer for Mass Effect 2 sent chills through me and my mind is already racing.  I have to know what happens to Commander Shepard.

BioWare’s community coordinator Chris Priestly added the most curious hint about the new game:

"This is just your first taste of Mass Effect2. We are not yet discussing the details of the game… However... don't delete your Mass Effect 1 saves yet (Video Gamer)."

I assume that means we will be able to pick up where we left off, or maybe they are going to take into effect the choices we made in Mass Effect to establish how the characters react to the players.  I cannot wait to play.

(via Gay Gamer)

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Roller Coaster Tycoon 3-Gold

horror park

Even though Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 is a few years old, I keep coming back to play it.  I love the wide variety of game play you can have.  From sandbox mode where you can do whatever you like and have as much money as you need, to career mode where you have tasks you must complete. This game is hours of fun.

I've always been impressed with this company's attention to detail when it comes to theme rides and decor.  Even with the first edition of RT, they gave you the opportunity to pimp out your park with horror-themed shops and scenery.

A new thing with this version is that you can make your janitorial staff match your theme.  We used to be able to change the color of their outfits, but now you can make your janitors wear western or skeleton overalls.


They must have had real horror fans creating this version because the visuals leave no spooky stone unturned.  From the Blood Shake Booth to the pumpkin head entertainers, these visuals are horrorfying.

bloodshake2 pumpkinhead

They have options for you Sci Fi fans too.  Including a steampunk-like planetarium, robots, spaceships, and even an alien entertainer.  scifi

For those of you who tend to migrate towards water parks, they have a massive pool complex library that you can create large pool complexes with including diving boards, hot tubs, showers, slides, lifeguards, and wave pools.  Once you build one of these puppies, the customers flock to your park in droves.  The walkways and ride add-ons are slightly difficult to maneuver at first, but once you discover you can make multi-level pools and large sunbathing areas, you'll be hooked!  Don't forget to put an Inflatable Stall just outside the changing rooms so that your people can ride around the pool on alligators, dolphins, and turtles.  The way these two separate items work together is just one of the ways this version is more "real".


They did not leave you country folk out.  There are dozens of western rides and attractions including animatronic cowboys, Indians, and banditos.  If you set them up properly, they will have a shoot out across the paths.


There are only a couple of technical issues with this game.  The first is when it becomes nighttime.  For some reason the game will slow up.  It seems to get worse if you have a lot of lamps installed.  The second is when you get over 3000 people in your park and build a lot of intricate rides over a large space.  Considering how graphics intensive this game is, it's not hard to imagine why.  With so much activity, the computer has difficulty keeping up.  I've enjoyed this game on Windows 2000,  XP, and Vista and these are the only two bugs I've found.

This game is by Atari and is rated E for everyone, so gather the family and spend a night creating your dream theme park.  But I warn you... this game is highly addictive.

You can purchase Roller Coaster Tycoon 3, by clicking this Amazon portal.

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Crytek buys Free Radical

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If the video of Star Wars Battlefront 3 gameplay footage or Dark Obi-wan concept art made you drool over the prospect of playing the game from bankrupt Free Radical, then there may be some good news:

Free Radical Design has found financial sanctuary in German developer Crytek, who is reported to have purchased the struggling Nottingham, UK dev for an undisclosed amount (Kotaku via Gay Gamer).

What this means for the future of Battlefront 3 in unclear, but its chances for release have gotten better.

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Lara Croft reboot greenlit

No Angelina Jollie will not be in the new Tomb Raider movie, along with possibily Lara Croft:

Lin will produce the project via his Lin Pictures banner while Stephen Gilchrist will co-produce; Ian Livingstone of Eidos will exec produce. Matt Reilly is overseeing for Warners. Lin is the producer behind Warners' upcoming Guy Ritchie-directed update of "Sherlock Holmes" and the adventure film "Jonny Quest."

The new project, however, is expected to revamp the character and her mission and bear little resemblance to the original pictures. It will reimagine the origins of the character, her love interest and the main villain (Hollywood Reporter).

I find it interesting that all of my spell checkers mark the word reimagined as a misspelling because it is not a word.  Well it is a new word.  I much preferr the idea of imagining a good story, but I am sure that is too much to ask from the studios in Hollywood.

I will keep an eye on this production, but it is already on shaky ground.

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Rumor: Battlefront 3 Video Leaked?

Rumor: Leaked Star Wars Battlefront 3 Gameplay Footage [Kotaku]

I really want to see Battlefront 3 hit the shelves, and after watching this footage which promises the game for the XBox 360, PS3, and PC, I want to play it all the more.

But there is one tiny hitch in the plan…  Free Radical, the company making this game, is on the auction block.  Hopefully, someone will buy up Free Radical, or at least the code and developers for this game.  If not, this may be the best Star Wars game you never play.

(via Gay Gamer)

Mark Hamill is The Joker, Batman: Arkham Asylum

batman_arkham_asylumThe video game Batman: Arkham Asylum will have Mark Hamil as the voice of The Joker.  I'm so excited about this news.  Mark Hamil's Joker is one of the best jokers ever!!! Mark Hamil was the Joker in the 1990's Batman - The Animated Series television show.  I wonder if they will put in Harley Quinn too.  With his contribution this game will rock even more!!!!

The Joker in Batman: The Animated Series, who ...
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It will be released on the x-box 360, PLAYSTATION 3, and Windows Vista / XP.

You can preorder your copy here!

(via /Film)

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Costume: Final Fantasy's Auron

auron Auron is one of the most interesting character in Final Fantasy X.  His sinister attitude and life of secrets added so much to the game.

This wonderful costume from Otakon replicates the look fairly well.

I especially love the sword.  I have collected many blades in my life, but the one thing that has always been missing from my collect are some life-sized Final Fantasy blades.

Perhaps, one of these days when I have the house of my dreams, I will have a salon or lounge filled with the art of people like Alex CF and a nice set of fantasy weapons.  Or maybe I will just start a chain of fantasy themed mead halls from people like to enjoy a drink and some geeky conversation.

(via Crimson Drake on Flickr)

Costume: Final Fantasy's Auron

auron Auron is one of the most interesting character in Final Fantasy X.  His sinister attitude and life of secrets added so much to the game.

This wonderful costume from Otakon replicates the look fairly well.

I especially love the sword.  I have collected many blades in my life, but the one thing that has always been missing from my collect are some life-sized Final Fantasy blades.

Perhaps, one of these days when I have the house of my dreams, I will have a salon or lounge filled with the art of people like Alex CF and a nice set of fantasy weapons.  Or maybe I will just start a chain of fantasy themed mead halls from people like to enjoy a drink and some geeky conversation.

(via Crimson Drake on Flickr)

Watchmen Video Game Prequel

watchmen Warner Bros. announced Wednesday it will release an episodic downloadable video game developed by Deadline Games that will prequel next year's big-screen adaptation of the "Watchmen" graphic novel pegged to the film's March debut (AP).

This is an interesting idea.  I am not sure exactly how this will work out in real world.  I hope they are able to pull off the story elements and especially the game play and cost.  Deadline Games is developing the game for the Xbox 360, PS3, and the PC.

This is an interesting idea and it could really help bring people into the setting, but if the quality of the game is on par with most movie related games, it could have the exact opposite effect.

Iron Man v Grand Theft Auto, The Real Deal

While vying for similar audiences at the same time, "Grand Theft Auto IV" bested "Iron Man" by about $300 million in their respective first weeks on the small and big screens. The highly anticipated video game about immigrant gangster Bellic drove away with over $500 million, while the movie about Marvel billionaire superhero Stark blasted off with over $200 million worldwide (Yahoo! News).

Am I on glue or have the press completely lost their minds? Are people really comparing the sales of a game selling for $59.99 to $89.99 each to movie with an average ticket price of $7? (if you read on the article they even compares the sales to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)

Let us now sit down and compare Apples to Oranges.

I understand that there is very little going on in the entertainment industry right now to write about. The economy is in bad shape, we are suffering through another revenge of the sequel summer, and very few artists are doing anything to excite the desperate bloggers and journalists who have deadlines, but this is not a story.

Let's assume that everyone bought GTA at the lowest price (which they didn't), then 10,002,000 copies sold compared to 28,571,428 tickets at the average ticket price. Hmmm...

  • 10,002,000 for GTA at the lowest price
  • 7,143,877 for GTA at the average price of $69.99
  • 28,571,428 for Iron Man

Now, I know these are nor accurate numbers. Brian and I only paid $5.50 each to see Iron Man, but the moral of the story is more people experienced Iron Man than GTA.

I now return to my original point: How is this a story?

There is absolutely no reason we should be comparing receipts for two products that are not in the same market and when one of the products average cost is 10 times higher than the other. Apples and Oranges.

Knights of the Old Republic Online?

There is a lot of wishful thinking at the heart of the rumors going around.

Now in an interview with Video Gaming 247, Ray Muzyka from Bioware confirmed that they are working on an MMO, and wheels begin to turn:

“I think the idea of emotion and narrative in an online game, combined with the best of breed features in MMOs ...

“And if you combine that with progression, exploration, customization and combat, which are the staples of current MMOs… with another pillar of story, and put it all in a social context, I think you have something that could be an incredibly rich and maybe the most compelling experience ever delivered. That’s our goal.”

The logical question for all of the Knights of the Old Republic fanboys like myself is, "What could be a more compelling than a Knights of the Old Republic MMO?"

I have been craving a new KotOR game for a long time. In fact, that is why I started playing Star Wars Galaxies. I really wanted more Star Wars and hoped Galaxies would fill that need. For a long time it did... until chapter 6 was released. The game became for the most part unplayable. No one wants a new Knights of the Old Republic Online than I do, but these rumors are even less than a whisper and a prayer.

I can only hope that is game is actually coming, and that if not, if we dream openly about it enough, perhaps the stars will align and this game will be made.

I will be keeping my eyes on this and hoping that something more concrete evidence of the games existence.


D&D 4th Edition Goes Online

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition Monster Manual June 7th is slowly approaching and with it the impending release of D&D 4th Edition. I am concerned that simplification of the rule set will not take the richness out of the games and the various settings that rely on them. The most exciting part of the release it the coming D&D Insider:

To start with, the digital initiative, which is called Dungeons & Dragons Insider, will, for the first time, make it feasible to play a game of D&D with your friends over the Internet and without having to pull out the thick, iconic, hardcover books that have for so long been an essential element to the experience.

That makes my whole body go woo! I would love to run some of these games. There are no details about pricing or game mechanics as yet, but the idea of setting up stories that can be played online is a thrill. I have tried several virtual table tops, but none of them have been worth the price.

The images I have seen from the D&D Insider character generator are exciting and the reported customization options thrill me. I am curious to see how easy the dungeon maker is to use, and what level of control and how time consuming the DM tools are to use. I wonder if it with have a voice chat built in or if Skype or something else along with it.

I signed up for the game which in not available for download yet.

Finally, something in gaming to get excited about.

(via Crave)

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Miniatures

Here is some really cool looking Star Wars miniatures from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Last fall Wizards of the Coast released a set of 60 Star Wars miniatures that came with game cards containing stats for use in table top games. 16 of those 60 miniatures are from The Force Unleashed. Get your Star Wars Miniatures - The Force Unleashed Huge Packs miniatures [ Here ]

Whether I play the table top game or not I am excited about the game and will definitely get some miniatures for my desk. These four are on the top of my list.


Felucian Warrior on Rancor: A fearsome enemy, the Felucian can regenerate, recovering lost health.


Junk Golem: Kazdan Paratus' bizarre Force-imbued creatures, these massive technobeasts can deliver massive damage with splash attacks of sizable blast radius.

20080222_uggernaut 20080222_atst

Uggernaut: A large Ugnaught assault walker, this thing can unleash a furious assault on enemy units.

Wookiee Hunter AT-ST: Used by the Empire to rustle up Wookiee slaves on Kashyyyk, this huge miniature boasts a net gun attack meant to immobilize the enemy.

(via Star Wars)

Final Fantasy Swords Seized

Square Enix filed a federal lawsuit in the Central District of California court for infringement of intellectual property. They are suing at least four wholesalers of sword replicas that were not licensed by Square Enix. This was after Customs and Border Patrol seized a crate of counterfeit replica Final Fantasy swords.

This suit follows several smaller cases where they went after various retailers who also infringed on their rights and who had settled with Square Enix.

While this marks an aggressive trend by Square Enix to enforce it's intellectual property rights they assure us that they still

"...appreciates the enthusiasm of its fans, and values its relationship with them.." said Hasegawa.

via (Wired)