One way to change the world is to act as if it’s already changed.

While I am still on the fence about the new Doctor Who spinoff, Class, showrunner Patrick Ness said something that made me smile:

Ness added: “Kind of astounded that having a gay lead on Class has been such big news. One day it won’t be, one day soon.

“BECAUSE IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL. One way to change the world is to act as if it’s already changed. That’s how I roll, that’s how Class rolls
— Patrick Ness

I hope he is right.  After the events over the weekend, I fear that day may be further away than we want it to be.

This approach to writing is one that I adopted many years ago, and it is one I wan to see many other writers take up.  While a story about the struggle can be entertaining, after a while, they really do start feeling like the same story over and over again.

When I was a kid, I looked up to characters like Frank N Furter from Rocky Horror because he was the only genderqueer LGBT character I had ever seen.  The world amazed me because no one cared about Frank's gender or sexuality.  Everyone was delightfully bisexual. No one was judged for they gender expression.

Today, there are more role models for kids, but there can always be more.  When we create or experience a world without prejudice or that is already beyond it like the original Star Trek, it gives us not only something to aspire to, but an escape from the hate and abuse present in the world.

Hooray for class.  You earned my support.

Disney, do we get ABC's Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion extra scene too?

Hmm... so ABC is going to air Star Wars Rebels: Spark of Rebellion... with a new scene featuring the Inquisitor and Darth Vader...

I am of two minds on this one.  It is on my Husband's birthday, October 26th, so that is cool.  When I watched the movie, I wanted them to explore the Inquisitor more than the 2 seconds that they spent on the character.  The problem is, I, like many people bought the movie on iTunes because I am a cord cutter.

Disney? You are going to give me the extended cut right?  That is why I spent $7.99 for what turned out to be a 43 minute movie, right?

I have been on the fence about Disney's purchase of Star Wars, and I've kept telling myself, "They own Marvel, and they are doing a great job with that."  But this is starting to push me off the fence...  I hope this is not the first sign of them trying to nickle and dime fans to the point they no longer care about the new series.

Deep breath, hopefully, we will have answers soon.

Arrow Easter Eggs Hidden in a Boxing Ring

DC Comics asked an interesting Question: "Did you catch all those boxing match sponsors (DC Comics)?"  They go on to point out two things I found four.  How many do you see?

11:39 from the end of the episode

The first one is interesting, and they point it out themselves, "Ostrand brand a tribute to John Ostrander(DC Comics)," that is fun, but I think that there are some more interesting ones.

Reuther Rum

Reuther Rum is what Slade called "authentic Australian rum," in Arrow episode 215, The Promise.  This is a subtle reminder that Slade is planning an escape as he promised in the the season finale last year.

The next two excite me a lot more than they probably should.

Ferris Air

from Arrow

From The Flash

Ferris Air has been hidden in previous episodes of Arrow.  In season 1 episodes 22 and 23, Ferris Air is also used as an Easter egg.  If you don't know, Ferris Air is where Green Lantern Hal Jordon worked when he received his power ring.

I don't want to read too much into Ferris Air on these billboards, but...  I am such a huge Green Lantern fan, I want this to become a seed that will grow into a full series.  The last ad is the one that sent me over the edge.

Lightring Bourbon

Now, you are just toying with me.  Lightring?  Really?

I want a Green Lantern TV series so bad, specifically a Lantern Corp show.  I want all the space opera goodness in living color on my tv.  I doubt that is what this is leading to, but it fun to dream. 

Maybe, one day in the not too distant future, they will make a pilot, hopefully for the CW, and my dream will come true, but I realize it is a long shot at best.  Until then, I will keep an eye open for more Easter eggs.

Dominion, Deism, and the Rage of the Angels


Well, I am finally caught up on Syfy's Dominion, and I am not sure I could be more mixed about a series.

Deism is strange with Angels

I had the same problem when Supernatural decided to do angels with an absentee God.  It is a storyline that might work if it wasn't connected to a Deity that is by definition omnipresent.  If they had used the older Sumerian myths the story might hold some water, but it is nigh on impossible for me to understand how an omnipresent being could go AWOL.

Setting aside that whole in the premise that could have been simply covered by an angry or uncaring God, the motivations of the three main angels is unclear.  The best I could understand, they are trying to appease a... disappointed, or maybe depressed God who tipped over the game table and ran.

Rage of the Angels or Worse Tantrum Ever?

I feel like I should state that I like Game of Thrones, so I am capable of liking a show built around petty squabbles that cause immense suffering.  Having said that, the flip on a dime loyalties and sudden bouts of temper in the show is a bit hard to keep up with.

The acting is oddly sub par from a cast capable of so much more.  Christopher Egan was brilliant on Kings, Anthony Head and Alan Dale are both great actors.  I can only imagine that the scripts or the directors held them back, or coached them into making some strange choices.

Was the show good?

The show has promise, which is good because Vaun Wilmott, the series creator said he is planing a second season.

I feel like the shows biggest problem was that it only had 8 episodes.  They tried to tell a story that needed 10 to 12, and mushed it into the 8 they got.  If I am right, that would explain some of the inconsistencies.

If they get a second season, and I hope they do, they need to focus more on the characters and less on the plot.  They established many interesting characters, and there are a lot of ways the show could go.  It could become a great show, if Syfy gives it the chance.

The show averaged about 1.5 million viewers per episode, not counting downloads and streaming, so that puts a question mark on the whole thing.

I enjoyed the show for what it was, I just hope it will get better.  If you haven't seen it, it is worth a view.  If you have seen the series, what did you think about it?


Amanda Tapping to play a new kind of angel on Supernatural


With Sanctuary gone, I've been wondering where I was going to find the Queen of Scifi, Amanda Tapping on my TV machine. Now, I know: Supernatural in November. 

While I am not the biggest fan of Supernatural, I have enjoyed the series, and look forward to the new season.  The addition of Amanda bumps up my excitement. 

I've been a fan of hers since Stargate SG-1. She has become a staple for me. I expect to see her in something new every year. Hopefully, this is a stepping stone in between series for her. I want her to headline a new series soon. 

This will tide me over in the meantime. 

(via Gate

Walking Dead

Most Zombie shows are boring excuses to do terribly violent things to our neighbors.  I suppose just writing this will bring the wrath of Zombie fans down on me like a crowd of walkers after a gunshot in Atlanta, but season 1 left me with such mixed feelings.

This show was a different experience for me than most genre series. Usually, I am only moderately interested in the first episode and then with each passing episode my interest grows.

With Walking Dead I loved the first episode. It was everything I wanted in a series, and reminded me of everything I loved about Romero's Night of the Living Dead. It was suspenseful and thrilling and introduced interesting characters.  

But after the first episode, everything changed. I am not sure if the quality went down or if I was immunized to the techniques they used to engender suspense.

Don't get me wrong, there were scenes that I liked in the later episodes, but the magic of the first episode never returned. I found the plots to be overly predictable. They foreshadowed every event so well, I knew when everything was going to happen, and each event happened right on queue.

As a cord-cutter, it will be a while before I can watch season 2. Hopefully, they will focus more on the characters, which is the strength of the series, and less on the plot devices and obvious story models they did in season 1.

Open Letter to the CW I read that you are...

Open Letter to the CW


I read that you are going to Reboot Beauty and the Beast: (CW To Reboot 1980s ‘Beauty And The Beast’ –


If you knew or understood what story arcs, characterization, or mood where in fiction, I would not be so adamantly against this. This show had 2 unrecastable actors in the lead roles, and was a story of longing and unrequited love that your tween audience will not be able to understand.

If You Must

If you are committed to doing this,

  • Please watch the original.
  • Cast Ron Perlman to play father as an homage to the original and to give some gravitas to the series
  • Hire writers who understand subtlety, nuance, and longing.

Eric & Brian


Your original programming would have better ratings if you did not ostracize a segment of your audience.  For better or worse if you do go forward with the show I probably will never see it due to your stand against cable-cutters and your continued efforts to make watching your shows as difficult as possible... Thank You?  I think...

Ok, has Netflix just lost its mind?

"Ok, has Netflix just lost its mind?

Netflix is rebranding its 12-year-old movies-by-mail service as Qwikster and adding video games to its catalog, Reed Hastings, the company's CEO, announced Sunday night. The Web-streaming portion will continue to be called Netflix, he wrote on the company's blog.

After the separation, people who subscribe to both services will have to log into two separate websites, and, to manage their movie queues and account information...  (via cnn)

I was one of the few who didn't freak out about the new pricing structure Netflix introduced. As a person who works online, I understand the need to make money on those endeavors, but now seeing that they are spinning off part of their service I am not sure I understand it at all anymore.

Why split off the DVD part of their service? 

The only thing I can think right now is that Netflix has decided it is their mission to kill physical media. 

This feels so premature. After the studios pulled out or instituted stalling tactics on streaming rentals my Netflix streaming dropped.  After all If their streaming offering was better, I could see how this is a good move, but right now... ugh.  To compensate I had plans to keep both.  Renting DVD's for those few things I wanted to see right away and that was not available for streaming.  For the rest I would just wait for it to show up on streaming or never bother watching. 

I was fine paying a little more to have both physical DVD rental and streaming rental in one convient place.  The convience of managing my ratings and que was one of the biggest draws to Netflix.  Like most we live a busy life with our time divided and enough inconviences that no one wants to pay for another one.  On top of that the extra step is one I know I will forget to take...

Then that name: Qwikster.

Really? That sounds like something Randal from Clerks thought up one morning after recovering from a heavy night of binge drinking and salsa shark attacks. Time to cancel the DVDs?

Video game rentals sweeten the deal, but I haven't turned my 360 on in about 6 months.  In addition to that I tried a seperate Video game rental service but the inconvience added an extra step that I did forget to take.

And then their subscribers drop and stock drops.  Not a suprise here.  They claim they made the split and price changes for 4 reasons:

(1) to create a dedicated DVD rental division that takes pride in great execution and maximizes the opportunity for disc rental over the coming decade;
(2) to enable us to improve our global streaming service even more rapidly, because it is not meshed with a domestic DVD business;
(3) to enable us, with the growth in revenue, to license more streaming content and thereby improve our streaming service even more;
(4) to remain very price aggressive, with $7.99 per month for unlimited streaming of a huge library of TV shows and movies, and $7.99 per month for unlimited DVD rentals, 1 out at-a-time.  (via  Online Video News

  1. Didn't they already have a great rental division that had pride?
  2. A big improvement to streaming would be providing a service in which I could manage both my streaming videos and my rental videos.  By the way wouldn't the extra cost help to pay for them to make streaming improvements?
  3. Wouldn't it be easier to streamline costs when both divisions are under one roof verses two seperate companies?
  4. Sadly they forgot about and now are loosing the convience and service of one que one rating place.


Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines

Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines is coming out September 16th and I can not wait.  Battle Lines "... brings viewers right up to the front-lines of the massive galactic conflict, revealing the stories that forged the Star Wars galaxy." (

Get your copy of Clone Wars Season 4 through our affiliate here: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Looking Forward to

  • Updated graphics included more facial expressions
  • New Captain Rex Story Arc plus the return of Fives
  • Katee Sackoff will voicing a female Mandalorian
  • Nightsisters return with Asajj Ventress and Savage Opress
  • Get to see Planet Umbara with it's unique technology and weapons

    Watch the Trailers

    Episode line up 

    Like the previous seasons this will be a 22 episode season.  "George Lucas has said he would like to make at least 100 episodes, regardless of the ratings. Episode 100 would be in the middle of Season 5, so the series is likely to go up to 110+ episodes..."  I expect to see more conflicts but not to see the connecting episode to lead up to Star Wars Episode 3 until next season.

    Episode 1 Water War  &  Episode 2 Gungan Attack

    air September 16, 2011

    Underwater unrest!  The assassination of
    the King of Calamari creates conflict between
    the Mon Cala and the Quarren, so Padme and Anakin
    are dispatched to make peace. 
    But the Separatists have other plans...

    Plot:  The inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari find themselves on the brink of a civil war. The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders.

    The Jedi find themselves trapped by
    sustained Separatist attacks. Can the Gungans save the day?

    Plot:  The Jedi find themselves trapped by sustained Separatist attacks.  Can the Gungans save the day?

    Clone Wars Season 4 Looking Ahead at Water War and Gungan Attack

    Episode 3 Prisoners

    September 23, 2011

    Seemingly crushed by the might of the Separatist assault,
    the only hope for the Republic is a Padawan and a Prince.

    Episode 4 Shadow Warrior

    September 30, 2011

    Can Jar Jar Binks defeat a Separatist invasion
    led by the evil General Grievous?


Clone Wars Season 4 Death Watch Preview

In Clone Wars Season 4 we will get more Mandalorian fun.  The Death Watch will return and we will be introduced to a new character, a female Mandalorian voiced by Katee Sackoff. 

Like padawan like master always loosing their lightsabers.

We will also get to see in this episode more interactions between Lux and Ahsoka.

Get your copy of Clone Wars Season 4 through our affiliate here: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Clone Wars Season 4 Looking Ahead at Water War and Gungan Attack

Underwater unrest!  The assassination of
the King of Calamari creates conflict between
the Mon Cala and the Quarren, so Padme and Anakin
are dispatched to make peace. 
But the Separatists have other plans...

Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 4 Preview - "Water War"

This fun preview shows Kit Fisto in action, for some reason I just can not get enough of that jedi.  We will also get to see Captain Ackbar in action as a youth before his imperial imprisonment and eventual rise to Admiral Ackbar.  Even though Ackbar will be in it he will not mention traps Filoni said at Comic Con pannel.  

Water War is the First in the two part release for Clone Wars season four.  It is also the beginning of a three part story arc.

Plot:  The inhabitants of the watery world of Mon Calamari find themselves on the brink of a civil war. The Jedi soon realize they will need the help of a powerful and amphibious ally to stop the war and drive out the Separatist invaders.

The Jedi find themselves trapped by
sustained Separatist attacks. Can the Gungans save the day?

The second half and second episode is Gungan Attack. 

Plot:  The Jedi find themselves trapped by sustained Separatist attcks.  Can the Gungans save the day?

I beleive this will take place on Naboo this is due to two peices of evidence.  First, in Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines Trailer there is a breif moment when Count Dooku mentions attacking Naboo.  Secondly, there are gungans involved in helping the Jedi from a sustained Seperatist attcks.

Both will premier on September 16th 2011

  • Get your copy of Clone Wars Season 4 through our affiliate here: Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Clone Wars Season 4 Battle Lines Trailer


Clone Wars Season 4 starts back up on September 16th 2011 and I can not wait Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 - Star Wars: The Clone Wars.  Watch the trailer above.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Season 4 from iTunesThere are some really exciting things in the trailer like the fight between Asajj Ventress and General Grievous.  More Dathomir force witches. Anakin will struggle with some of his past and more of the dark side.  The Mandalorians are back with Death Watch and was that a lightsaber whip I saw toward the end or just and energy whip.

Was that Count Dooku ordering a rentless attack on Naboo?

Doctor Who Series 6 and Looking Forward

Trailer for the Second Half of Series 6

The second 1/2 of the sixth series of Doctor Who is approaching soon bringing up the question what should we expect?

6 - 8 "Let's Kill Hitler"  27 August 2011 (US) 

Synopsis: In the desperate search for Melody Pond, the TARDIS crash lands in 1930s Berlin, bringing the Doctor face to face with the greatest war criminal in the Universe. And Hitler. The Doctor must teach his adversaries that time travel has responsibilities – and in so doing, learns a harsh lesson in the cruelest warfare of all.

I wonder if this will touch back on why the Doctor must have rules.

6 - 9 "Night Terrors"

it is set in the modern day and is called ‘Night Terrors’ and centres on a little boy who has a fear of something.

Could we see a return of the Dream Lord?

6 - 10 "The Girl Who Waited"

Some have suggested that this episode will go back to the events from Matt Smith's first adventure with Amy I don't agree.

This will have more to do with River Song as the girl who waited. 

6 - 11 "The God Complex"

Walliams is to play an alien called Gibbis, and the story is perhaps one of the creepiest looking of the series. It all takes place in a hotel

I love the look of the monsters from the trailer and can't wait to see them. 

6 - 12 "Untilted"

... sees the return of James Corden as Craig Owens, who shared a flat with the doctor in last years episode ‘The Lodger.’

I wonder if this will also bring the return of "The Silence".  I feel we have not seen the end of them and how the Doctor will avoid his death.

6 - 13 "Untilted"

Detailes have not been leaked for this episode yet but maybe this is where we find out that the Doctor is really in the space suit and who was shot was actually the Dream Lord aka The Valeyard.  I'm still waiting to see the return of The Valeyard who if they stay true to Doctor Lore we know happened during his 11th regeneration which is the Matt Smith Doctor.

(via SciFiPulse.Net » BBC Reveal Details Of New ‘Doctor Who’ Episodes)

BBC sued over Doctor Who villain Davros

Blastr has a story about a guy who is suing the BBC claiming that he created Davros, the creator of the Daleks when he was 13 back in 1972.

Honestly, I don't even care if this is true.  If you waited 39 years to sue, you gave up the right to bitch 39 years ago.  Doctor Who is not an obscure series, and you should have known that this happened.  Get over it.

When I was a kid, I created a character named Nightwing, who was a superhero that looked a lot like the Nightwing that DC comic eventually released, should I sue them?  Even if I had a reason to believe that they knew about my drawing, I lost my right to sue decades ago.

If this is true, give the guy credit, and get on with life.  He lost his right to money a long time ago.

Silverhawks Flashback

Part of me felt a powerful nostalgia when I stumbled across this video of the Silverhawks intro.  I used to love this show when I was a kid.

I was a sucker for all these shows, and loved some mad capped adventure of almost every superhero I could get my hands on.

I can't believe no one has made a live action version of this yet.  Ok, well, I suppose I can.

Netflix to make Original Programming

affiliate linkThe folk at Netflix decided that is a good idea for them to make their own content by signing House of Cards to an amazing 2 season deal (check out Deadline for more).

I'm not sure this is a good idea.  YouTube and Hulu have done the same type of thing lately, and it all just makes me sigh.

Content platforms should be Platforms, not producers.  There is an inherent conflict of interest when your business is about both, making content and distributing it.  They will naturally push their original content more than the content of others...

I would love to see them take the idea of being a platform to the next stage instead.  Provide tools for independent producers to submit their content easily, and curate that content, to keep the quality of your offering up to your standards.

Am I making to much out of this?  Let me know what you think.

My First Video To Share With dashPunk

Here is my first video to share with the new dashpunk. The Buffy Fly Away video was started five years ago right after the death of someone close to me died. I have tried to work on this video numerous times but never good really give it all my effort because my thought would return to that bad time in my life. This the third and final cut of this video. Remember, there is no shame in grief.

Being Human comes to the US as Becoming a Douche

Being Human - San Diego Comic Con - July 26, 2009 Image by starbright31 via Flickr

** Disclaimer:  I am a huge fan of the original British series, Being Human.  Watch it.  Buy it.  Love it! **

Ok, I am not usually the person who writes posts like this.  I try to keep a cool head, and many of you know, I don't always succeed.  I've watched the first two episodes of the Syfy travesty, Being Human, and I am ready for it to go the way of the Dodo.

The show is beyond horrible.  The writing is bad.  The direction is bad which makes the acting bad.  The camera work is annoying.

There are only two nice things I can say about the show:

  1. The FX are better than the original.
  2. The scene of Sally floating down the stairs in episode 2 is breathtaking.

That's it.

From Goth to Emo

My main beef with the remake is that the Syfy series trades in the Gothic Horror of the original for a self-pitying emo cry fest filled with weak-willed, shallow people who do not deserve my time or attention.

That might sound harsh, but I don't know how else to say it.  Syfy robbed the characters any dignity they originally had.

Josh is a werewolf.  He is an asshole who apparently thinks that the character that Shia LaBouf always plays in every movie he has ever been in, is a role model for how to live and act.  WRONG!  Two episodes and they have not given me a single reason to care about him.  He is a jerk to his family, a bastard to his friends, and terrible to Sally.  I agree with his self-hatred.  He should hate himself.  I hate to break it to him, but he was a monster before be became a werewolf.


Aiden is a weak-willed Vampire who just needs a stake through the heart.  He had no backbone, no charisma, and no conscience.  He is a character from the golden age of Soviet Cinema who has given up on life, embraced the grayness of his life, and doesn't have the courage to look himself in the mirror.  The actor was cast because he is occasionally cute and has a hot body.  I feel like he is just in the show to appear naked from time to time to distract us from the wreck of the story around him.

Sally, portrayed by Meaghan Rath (the only main actor whose name deserves to be repeated), is one of the only hopes the show has.  Rath magically brings empathy and warmth to a poorly written character.  As much as I want to savage Sally like I did Josh and Aiden, Rath's performance has earned a reprieve for the character.

Where is the tension?

I knew when I first heart this remake was coming, there would be some changes.  I never imagined the main thing they would change would be to take the tension out of the show.  From episode 1 of the original series, I was on the edge of my seat afraid, concerned, and hopeful about various things, and desperate to find out what was going to happen next.

The Syfy show feels like going to a movie with a friend who has already seen the film, and tells you what it going to happen before it does.  They spoiled their own show too often.  Even when they went off script from the original and did something new.  That let me down more than anything.

Will I continue to watch?

Well...  Yes.  I have a 5 episode rule.  Shows I want to be interested in, I always give them 5 episodes to hook me, and there are a few reasons to hope for improvement:

  • Meaghan Rath's Sally is vaguely interesting.
  • Rebecca is played well and makes me want to know what they are going to do with her.
  • Emily is a good addition to the show.  I think she is going to be the new Nina, and maybe she will accidentally kill her brother (I can only wish).

Now, I am voting for cancellation, but the rating have been good (sigh).

Get your copy of the original British series, Being Human