Prose Poem

Lightness of Being

209780Main Image 1009 946-710 Thin wisp of rainbow, caught in a flash of light - Ribbon of life, so fragile so rare.

Under your soft embrace, lifetimes flow like a river. I breathe out that another might breathe in. Every rise of my chest a gift from another sustains me. How can all life, all the world move through such a tiny wisp of blue? (inspired by NASA )

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Wind's Tick and Tock

illusion-front-white Spinning lines of the tick and tock, the rhythm of the chain through the teeth ratchets to the beat of my heart, or my life to the beat of the clock. Schedules force themselves on every moment, the tick and tock that moves me. The wind blows through my hair. Looking around, where did the wind arise?

Turn, the wind brushes my hair back so it streams behind me. RadianceLG The horizon floats so far away. Running, tick and tock, my feet against the earth push me on. I stop. I fall.

Before my eyes, the tick and tock ring out the wind caught in the spinning lines. The wind, the breath moves the chain- and the chain the tick and tock.

Smiling, I touch the ground contented.


Thanks to Cabinet of Wonders: Mr. Roy's Elegant Machines for the inspiration to write a prose poem. I have never blogged one before. I hope you enjoyed.

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