Cool Steampunk Cakes

Check out some of these awesome cakes baked for the Cake Central Steampunk cake contest.

This one cleverly titled Steampunk Cake by the Artisan Cake Company won 1st place.  I love the detail on the wheels.

I really like the look of the Steampunk Venus De Milo by Gonzuela.  If only she had a pair of goggles on her head.

This Professor Gearheart's Otherwhen Machine by Spense got Honorable Mention.  My vote would give this first place, it's so Steampunk.

Thanks very much to Emerian Rich for sharing this with us

DIY: French Press Faux Espresso

A photo of a cup of coffee.
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I love using my French Press to make my morning coffee so when Eric brought How to Make Espresso Beverages With a French Press to my attention I had to try it.  Adding a bonus to the mix the recipe comes from Alton Brown who is just wonderful in both cooking and explaining how it all works.

Steps for Faux Espresso

  1. Use 4 tablespoons of coffee.  This should be a coarser grind then the commercial coffee.  This is important because I just used can coffee for the first test and did end up with the sludge in the bottom of my cup.
  2. 2 cups of near boiling water
  3. Give the brew a quick stir.  If you like to chew on your espresso and have it very strong you can stir every 45 seconds to a minute.
  4. Let it steep about 3 min.  Brewing too short will cause a sour flavor, too long and the flavor will get bitter.  This is nice to know because some times I just like a good strong espresso that bites back so at times I will let it steep for about 5 minutes.
  5. Press the plunger down slowly in a steady this is important to reduce the amount of coffee grounds from getting into the cup.  The faster you go the greater the chance of having grounds in the coffee.
  6. Pour your coffee either into your cup or if you just cant stand grounds you may wish to filter it to catch the very fine sediment

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Clone Wars Fun: Make Your Own Mask

Asajj-ventress-mask-clone-warsA fun and easy crafting project with printable masks for Star Wars Clone Wars.  These could make for simple paper masks or for the more advanced craters out there a nice template to use to make a more advanced mask. The different type of masks include:

  • Anakin Skywalker
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Clone Captain Rex
  • Clone Trooper
  • Clone Commander Cody
  • Clone Captain Rex

PDF of Clone Wars Masks

[reus name="Clone Wars"]

(via Star Wars)

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Weekend Craft: Drawing Aurra Sing

drawing-aura-sing-clone-warsAurra Sing is one of the coolest Bounty Hunters in the Star Wars Universe.  Now we can draw her with six easy steps.

Star Wars illustrator Jessica Hickman explains with these easy-to-follow steps how to draw the bounty hunter Aurra Sing from The Clone Wars animated TV series.  (Star Wars)

Aurra Sing is the closest thing Star Wars has to an imortal with her fathers origins being unkown.  She was taken in as a young child and trained as a Jedi padawan.

At the age of nine she was kidnapped by pirates and tricked to blame the Jedi for her situation.  She was then sold to the Hutts and Received training as an assassin.

She took her collective training becoming a bounty hunter and her anger toward the Jedi to add the title of Jedi hunter.

I can't wait to see her involvement in the second season of Clone Wars.

[reus name="Clone Wars"]

[reus id="14"]

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Crocheted Mario Plushie

MarioFront I wish I could crochet!  I really want to make one of these Mario Plushies.

It is odd.  I can knit, but crochet is far beyond my abilities.  Mario is one of my favorite video game characters, and this plushie is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

You don't need a lot to make it:


WW yarn in blue, red, white, peach (or a skin color) and small amounts of black and brown G Hook Fiberfill Yarn Needle Felt in small amounts (white, blue, black) 2 small shirt buttons in yellow (or gold if you have it) Sewing thread to match yarns and felts and a medium duty to heavy duty sewing needle (Wolfdreamer Off the Hook)

Full instructions can be found at Wolfdreamer Off the Hook.

(via Cthulhu Crochet and Cousins)

Weekend Crafts: Fathers Day Fun


In honor of fathers day I had to feature this Star Wars art project. bcampbell_to's (shown above) took Gabby Moore's (shown below) original black and white design and collored it.  I love the geeky symbolism in the art and wondered to myself why not do one for fathers day.

This project could be a simple print and color project for the less drawing talented like myself.  I would recommend printing on card stock this way if you decide to use paints or inks it will absorb it better.

For the more artfully inclined like bcampbell to's out there try drawing it on white cotton and coloring it.

Enjoy and happy fathers day!


(via Geek Central Station)

Weekend Craft: Glowing Alien in a Jar


Ever wanted your own alien in a jar, now you can make one with this weekend's craft.  This one looks awesome, I want it for my desk.  It will cost more then some of the other projects to buy some of the supplies and require some minor electrical work to get the jar glowing.

What you need:

  • A jar with a lid that is thick enough to conceal a battery pack and some LEDs (local supermarket)
  • Glow water made from florescent dye extracted from a highlighter pen (
  • Alien Embryo Growing Pet (
  • 4.5V Battery pack (
  • Protostack half size prototyping board (
  • 2.7 ohm resistor (1W)
  • 6 x High Power Ultra Violet LEDs (

There are 8 steps to this project which can be read here on instructables.  Some additional recommendations from the discussion that follows are:

  • Re circuit board:  don't have to have it but it helps hold everything together.
  • should add some kind of biocide to the water like salt or ammonia.

If you had a glowing Alien in a Jar how would you use it?  I like the recommendation to swap out the batteries for a solar pannel and turning it into a solar powered porch light!

(Thanks protostack)

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What Could Make A Dalek Fall In Love

OTP by Krupp What a great stitch work, I love this mainly for the symbolism in it.

On the left you have a Dalek a terrifying symbol of racism only allowing supreme / perfect beings to live in their presence.  On your right there is the supreme perfect being an astromech with the designation r2d2.  In the middle the only reaction the Dalek could have love… Brilliant!

Thanks krupp keep up the great work.

We also featured his Star Wars Cross-Stich here

Weekend Crafts: Buffy Summers Papercraft


I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer and now we can craft our own Buffy Summers for our desktop.  This is a more advanced crafting project but not impossible thanks to Ninjatoes’ papercraft who was nice enough to come up with clear instructions and printable templates.

There are 68 steps and you will need:

There is also a great discussion in the comments section on lengthening Buffy's neck which I liked seeing from those who have already crafted this project.

Enjoy and send me your pictures of the final project.

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Weekend Craft: Dorothy's Ruby Slippers

Dorothys-Ruby-Slippers There is no place like home… who doesn’t want Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers from The Wizard of Oz.  This is a great weekend craft, fairly simple to do and easily moddable.  Based on your preference all you would have to do is get different color sequins and different footwear and presto Emerald Loafers for the guys. What you will need:

  • Old shoes
  • stringed red sequins preferably metallic : about 10 meters each shoe
  • bugle beads : 1 packets fine
  • red glitter glue
  • little diamond things with the sewing backs : around 35 to 40 each bow
  • red material : only need scrap material
  • cardboard or thick paper
  • needle and thread
  • two red stones

There are four easy steps to follow with pictures included for each steps.  Read the full instructions here (via Instructables) .

Get your copy of The Wizard of Oz here from Amazon.

DIY Craft: Yoda Finger Puppet


A great weekend craft for all of the Star Wars fans out there... A Yoda finger puppet.  I love this project not only because it's Star Wars and Yoda but also due to it's simplicity.

All you need is:

  • Green, brown, red and gray colored felt squares
  • Pillow stuffing
  • Brown and green colored thread
  • Sewing needle
  • Scissors
  • star-wars-yoda-lightsaberStraight pins
  • C hopsticks
  • Pipe cleaner/chenille stem
  • Googley eyes
  • Yoda Body Pattern
  • Yoda Robe Front
  • Yoda Robe Back

The instructions consists of 4 easy steps.  Along with each step they also include pictures which I find really helpful.  Get the full instructions here!

Remember:  "Do or do not... There is no try."

(via StarWars)

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DIY Crafts: Hula Darth Vader


Buddy Christ
Image via Wikipedia

The ultimate crafting project for your car for Star Wars fans… a Darth Vader Hula Girl for your dash!  Build your own and see Vader shaken’ his groove thing in your own car.

He gives step by step simple instructions and includes pictures with each step.  The best part is the short video after the instructions showing Hula Vader in action with the driver playing the imperial march in the background… brilliant!  Check out the instructions here. I’ve got to make one of these and then alternate it with my Buddy Christ and Homer Simpson.

(via Star Wars Crafts)

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Origami: Star Wars X-Wing and Millenium Falcon

I am all for recycling, and the idea of turning old public transit tickets into X-wings and a Millenium Falcon is just awesome.   Hubert posted instructions here and here.

If I can must the patience necessary to make these, I might have to string a bunch together over my desk.  Speaking of which, now I need to learn how to make an origami Tie Fighter.