Would you pay for a Boxee app?

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[Avner] Ronen says that the company still has yet to collect any revenue for use of its media center software, but that it's working on a way to allow content owners to charge for the Boxee Apps that they create (Contentinople).

This begs the question:  Would you pay for a Boxee App?  I might but there are a few ground rules that would have to be established:

Rules for Paid Apps


  1. Paid App channels would have to be commercial free.
  2. Paid App channels must have a free version to test the content.
  3. Apps must be cheap!  The more they cost, the fewer people will pay.
  4. Apps should be available for networks and individual shows.


Reasons I would pay for an app


  • Premium Channels: HBO and Showtime are top of my list.
  • Foreign Content: BBC iPlayer is top on my list, but I have a soft spot for Chinese and Indian TV.
  • Supporting Indie Media:  I would pay to support the Guild, Legend of Neil and other shows, but I would expect extras.


How I hope this works

I have hoped for a long time that Apple would open its platform to allow more options.  So far they haven't.  I think Media should have a tiered support system:

  1. Free: Ad supported, let me check it out
  2. Tiny Fee: Watch commercial Free
  3. Small Fee:  Own outright (The content is downloaded to my device)
  4. Modest Fee: Own outright with special features

I want to be able to watch any show and upgrade my content as I see fit.

Did I miss anything?

What would make you want to pay for a Boxee App?  What rules do you have?  What model would you like to see?

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