What Would a Sakaguchi Wii Game Look Like?

via Wikipedia I love the Final Fantasy series and mourned with many fans when Hironobu Sakaguchi had to leave the series behind but was overjoyed to see that he would keep making wonderful and fun games.

"I think the Wii is a wonderful system.  It's very unique, starting with its iconic controllers.  We have no plans at the moment, but I would love to make a Wii game in the future." -Sakaguchi

Then my mind was blown when reading these words and asking “What would a Sakaguchi Wii Game Look Like?”

Sakaguchi’s games already immerse me in their immaculate reality bringing both excitement and intellectual satisfaction to my playing experience.  Hopefully he does take up the charge to create a game for the Wii so that I add to the experience and interactive depth too, wow that would rock!

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