This Transmedia Storytelling stuff?

What is Random House up to?

"Random House has a team that already does "bible" development for hire. If, for instance, a video game company has an idea for a game -- but hasn't fully broadened out the storyline or storylines -- it can hire Random House to develop an entire world for the game." (Blacklight Transmedia partners with Random House - Yahoo! News)

That's interesting work if you can get it. Their new partnership will help them translate their novels into other media. Does this mean that they see the death of the novel coming? Or are they just hedging their bets to try to find a way to make more money.

I have always set my goal to do more "Transmedia Story Telling," or simply to tell the same story in various media types, but to see a major publishing company going this way makes me feel like the end is nigh for the traditional publishers as we know them.

Good riddance to unnecessary companies. You are out! Auf wiedersehen.