Salma Hayek backs 'The Prophet' Animated Film



Sound the horns and prepare the Halleloo's:



Salma Hayek and her Ventanarosa Productions have joined Clark Peterson and Ron Senkowski to produce an animated feature based on the Kahlil Gibran book The Prophet (Deadline).

 It is time run, jump, and join the crowds hailing the return of the Prophet.

A Life Changing Book

Kahlil Gibran is one of my favorite writers, and The Prophet is his best known work.  It is a brilliant poetry book recounting the teachings of the Prophet Al-Mustafa as he is about to leave the city of Orphalese.  Each chapter is a meditation on a different concept or virtue.

I first read the book shortly after I graduated high school, and spent a long time pondering the ideas within it.  Gibran is the third most widely read poet in the world, and I would place him in the in the same category as Shakespeare, Kabir, and Rumi.

His language is frank and flowery, light and deep.  His metaphors have a way of open your eyes to new possibilities.  The more people exposed to this book, the better.

The Animated Prophet

I am not sure how well The Prophet will translate into film.  If handled as well as Siddhartha, Seven Years in Tibet, Kundun, or Jodha Akbar, then it will be a great movie.  Ventanarosa Productions has a good track record, so I have faith.

If you haven't read it

there is a free audiobook at, and the text is available at (because it is public domain in Canada).  Or you can buy a copy at Amazon (aff link)