Review: V 102 There Is No Normal Anymore

Erica and Father Jack see a Visitor transport ship land outside the warehouse where they were attacked. They’ve come to clean up the bodies, one of which belongs to Erica’s partner, Dale. She places an anonymous 911 call that is intercepted by an operator aboard a Visitor ship. Moments later, Erica and Father Jack are hunted by a deadly floating seeker sphere.

V 102 There Is No Normal Anymore airs November 10, 2009.  Watch it streaming online on Hulu

“There Is No Normal Anymore” trailer


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V episode 102 “There Is No Normal Anymore” is better then the pilot episode showing more promise for the show.  They open up with the characters and the audience seeking out what is going on and trying to figure out what to do.  By the end of the episode all have some answers with out showing too much like in the pilot.

The confrontation so far is between Jack and Erica doing something / anything they can do to stop the V’s and the V’s who so far only appear to want to win the hearts of the people of earth.  Though they have set up some ominous concerns about deeper more sinister plans from the rebel visitors.

In “There is No Normal Anymore” there is also a fun back and forth power play between Chad and Anna.  I think Anna likes Chad I just hope she treats him well before she eats him.



  • Tension and mood was well set in this episode starting with the 911 call and the seeker drone chase
  • The intrigue and drama what made Battlestar Galatica great but in V there is hope.
  • Battlestar Galatica’s Rekha Sharma appears as Sarita Malik, my first thought is she is a V.
  • The power play between Chad Decker and Anna
  • they do have me questioning who else is a V
  • They do leave me curious what will happen next.




  • I want more Alan Tudyk as Dale Maddox
  • It’s the second episode and I still don’t care about any of the characters but I’m closest to Michael.

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