Rejoining the Cult of Done


  After I decided to reconnect with the things I love,  I went back to my blog to reconnect with my thoughts.

I realize that about two years ago I stopped posting about what it means to me to be a writer and entertainment designer.  In a lot of ways, it's about the same time I started finding it hard to write.

One of the things that I did discover, or should I say rediscovered, was the Cult of Done Manifesto.   I remembered how I felt the first time I read it.  I remembered how inspired I was.

Everything Is a Draft

I remember when I abandoned that principle.  At a certain point when I was writing The Chain, I vowed to myself that I would write the book that I wanted to read.  I didn't realize until today that I set a goal to pursue the Platonic ideal of the book I wanted.

That one unseen goal has paralyzed me ever since.  My drive to write a perfect book has kept me from working on the right book.  So I find myself with what feels like an unending wave of writers block.

Laugh at Perfection

I dabbled around a little bit with the idea of treating the story like it was software development.  The text I write would be the code.  There would be iterations, patches, updates, and development towards fuller and greater versions.  It is an interesting idea,

Perhaps what I need to do is pick up that idea again and see where it leads me.  Since I spent a lot of time tinkering with it, and not doing it, there's a good chance that it holds the key to unlocking my creativity.

Hopefully, you will join me in this grand experiment.  I'll share my experiences and theories with you, all I ask in return is for your feedback.  I know I don't have to ask for your support.  You've always shown me so much. Let the experiments begin.