Reclaiming Blogging and Navel Gazing

“Reclaim Blogging”: Why I’m giving up Twitter and Facebook, I started thinking about my own experience with blogging and social media. 

I gave up "news" blogging a while back because it took more time then just tweeting the links or talking about the stories on one of our podcasts.  I feel like that was the right decision.  I think my time is better spent working on original fiction.  That at the very least makes me happier.

Then Google+ came on the scene, and I find myself posting over their a lot of the things I used to post on my personal blog.

Navel Gazing

A lot of bloggers are thinking about this stuff right now, and you all are probably tired of all the navel gazing, but it is an important topic.

Most of the bloggers and podcasters I know got into this field to have conversation.  We like to talk to you all and work together to figure out what we should and could do to solve various problems.  This is were social networks become a big part of the problem and the solution.

I write a post on dashPunk, and I get some comments.  I post a new episode of a podcast, and I get some email.  I post to Google+, and the comments flood in.  The temptation to post their is great, and I wonder if I should or shouldn't.

Social Blogging

I want to post on the social networks, but Hugh is right, it is too easy.  When I post to my blog, take time to fully form ideas and post something that says exactly what I want to say.  Often, on social networking sites, I post off the top of my head or what is on my heart at the moment.

Jeff Jarvis says that Twitter is for getting things off of your chest, and maybe that is what these networks are for.

Perhaps, I should post notions, and first thoughts on these networks, and more fully formed ideas on my blog.  That at least sounds like a plan.

What do you all think?  What is the balance and what do you what to see where?