Patrón XO Café Review

patron_xo Oy, ick, (sigh). Now, I admit that I may not have found the niche for this liqueur, but honestly, I am not sure what that niche would be.

I was asked to try this spirit because my favorite bar is thinking of using this instead of Kalhua, and I am going to beg them not to make the switch.

Patrón XO Café is not a sweet coffee liqueur. The tequila mixed with essence of coffee spirit has a few problems with taste. Alone, it tastes like muddy tequila with bitter aftertaste, which I assume is from the coffee. In the mixed drinks I tried, I found that it offered only a the weakest coffee flavor and even worse, quickly settled out leaving a nasty dark sludge at the bottom of the drink.

I love coffee, and I am not the biggest fan of tequila, and that might be biasing my review, but I am not a fan of Patrón XO Café. I will finish the bottle, remembering to keep a stir in my drink, and seeing if there are any good uses for the weak coffee taste of this liqueur.

I am sure their might be a use for this spirit, which on the spectrum of coffee liqueurs would be watery coffee to Kalhua's strong coffee to Starbucks Espresso. If you have a drink where the coffee flavor is too strong, this might make a good substitute. I will experiment with the spirit, but I am not sure how to use it.