Otep's "The Salvation of Music"

 A visionary speak:

I believe our performances are akin to the endeavors of the ancient Alchemists. Our goal is to take physical lead (the body & mind, flawed and inherited), and transform it into spiritual gold. Then, ultimately, generate and infect ourselves and our supporters with the great Panacea, the elixir of life, which holds the remedy for all life’s suppressions. In laymen’s terms, we believe words matter, music is holy, and art saves (Headbangers Blog).

If I could, I would quote her entire post. Their is salvation in art. Throughout the many things that I have gone through in my life, music and art have been my constant companions. Catharsis is absolutely necessary.

I have often envied musicians and painters for the power of their media to so easily connect two souls in a way that amazes me and astounds me. This is the difference between fandom and pop culture fans.

The emotional, near religious, experience that transforms people into devoted, life-long fans. We experience something that soothes a wound or that we identify with on such a deep level.

This is also the burden that anyone who considers themselves an artist has to bare. How can your art transcend the limits of words on paper, sound, or paint on canvas, and become something that is capable of carrying an unspeakable message from soul to soul. No one can plan this, it is a byproduct of listening to ones muses and riding the leopard without been eaten by it.